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Trendy Tree Tutorials

Here you will find basic instructions for creating beautiful wreaths and holiday decorations along with all sorts of craft ideas.  You will find in these pages many ideas using Work Creation Products such as Work Wreaths, Candy Canes, Crosses, Ribbon Rails, Work Balls and other forms that contain twists to hold your products to the form.

Some tutorials will have written instructions and some have accompanying videos. Some products used in the tutorial may be sold out or no longer available, but you can substitute other products and still achieve a similar look.

This section is a "work in progress" so check back frequently to see updates.


  1. How to Make a Fabric Face Mask with Cloth Strings from Start to Finish
  2. Includes Video


work wreath forms tutorial
elf wreath
  • Goofy Ghost 2016
  • Support Ribbon Wreath
  • Curly Technique
  • 21" Mesh
  • Includes Video
bee wreath tutorial by trendy tree
ballerina bunny tutorial
DIY Basic Christmas Wreath Kit

Autumn Centerpiece 2015

autumn wreath tutorial trendy tree



video tutorial 5 loop hand tied bow at trendy tree
  • Basic Flower Technique
  • 10" Pencil Wreath
  • 10" Deco Paper Mesh
  • Pencil Ball Ties
  • Includes Video
  • Includes an Alternative Center Video
  • Paper Mesh Flower
  • 10" Pencil Wreath
  • 10" Paper Mesh
  • 10" Deco Poly Mesh
  • Flex Tinsel Tubing
  • Velvet Wire Roping
  • Includes Video
farmhouse wreath
rose gold welcome wreath tutorial
2016 poinsettia wreath tutorial
Halloween Lantern Topper Using Scraps!
  • Re-purpose Vegetable Wreath
  • Includes Video
use 21" for ruffles
how to tie a big wreath bow
scarecrow wreath tutorial
scarecrow wreath tutorial
hand tied 6 loop bow with probow
halloween tulle & ribbon wreath kit tutorial
  • Spring Flower Wreath
  • 10" Poly Jute
  • 10" Poly Burlap
  • 10" Pencil Wreath
  • Cotton Boll Spray
  • Faux Moss Branch
  • Includes Video