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2018 Scarecrow Face Wreath Tutorial


Get ready for fall with this easy to make Scarecrow wreath!

A limited number of kits containing supplies is available at: 2018 Scarecrow Face Wreath Kit

Once these kits have sold out, the tutorial will be left up as you can choose other products and follow same instructions for a similar wreath.


XX7488W4 24″ Burlap Work Wreath

MD0325 12″ Metal Scarecrow Face

RY900985 21″ Natural Chocolate Copper Burlap Mesh

RW752420 1.5″ Shimmer Orange Ribbon

RN500391 2.5″ Brown Copper Lime Dot Ribbon

Note: When first 48 kits are sold, the remaining kits will contain RG01027H3 2.5″ Fall Plaid ribbon as a substitute

RG0171620 1.5″ Candy Corn Ribbon

RG017275T 2.5″ Talisman Metallic Squares Ribbon

Other items you will need but are not included: Scissors, tape measure, zip ties or chenille stems.


We used a pouf technique with the 21″ mesh. Mesh was attached at one of the twists starting on the inner ring. You can start on the inner or outer, just whichever you prefer. Attach the mesh and push the raw end of the mesh to the inside of the wreath. Measure a length of 10″, gather and attach in the next twist. Continue working around the inner ring until you get to the last pouf to be made. At that point, open up the first twist where you started (making sure the first pouf doesn’t come out) and attach the last pouf, closing the twist over both poufs.

Pull the mesh down snuggly to the outer ring and attach in the closest twist. This is your starting point for the outer ring. Continue measuring 10″ and making poufs around the outer ring.

When you get to the last pouf, you secure it in the same fashion as above. End off the mesh by cutting and leaving a tail of 5-6″ and tuck to the inside of the wreath. You can secure the beginning raw end and tail to the work wreath frame with a zip tie to keep it from popping out.

Next we cut ribbon strips 12″ in length and did a chevron cut to the ends. There are 18 twists on the wreath, so we cut 18 pieces of each style of ribbon. All the ribbon was wire edge. You can attach ribbon to a wreath using ribbon strips, or you can make bows, just whichever is your preference.

We made a cluster of four ribbons, using one of each style, pinched them in the middle and attached to a twist. On this wreath, we didn’t open up the twist and lay the ribbon cluster down on top of the mesh, we just laid the cluster down and gave the twist a few more turns. You can do it either way. Not opening the twist saves you some time. If you find that your ribbon cluster feels looks, then open up the twist and secure the twist over the mesh and ribbon cluster at the same time.

We placed a ribbon cluster in each twist on the outer and inner ring. With the ribbon that remained, we made two identical bows and placed one to the left top of the wreath and one to the right bottom. You can make a simple loop bow or cut the ribbon in 24″ lengths and gather up a 6″ loop with 6″ tails, just alternating a wide and narrow ribbon. Another technique is to do the Terri bow and here’s tutorial showing that. Typically, that’s the kind of bow I like to make, I just didn’t have the ProBow here at the house that day.

Always check the back of your wreath for anything sharp and fix that. Clip strings and fluff your ribbons. All mesh ravels but you really have less raveling with the pouf technique since you don’t have so many cut edges as on a ruffle wreath.


Happy Fall Y’all!


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