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halloween wreath tutorial using pouf and ruffle technique

Halloween Wreath Tutorial with 10" Mesh Pouf & Ruffle Technique

halloween wreath with trick or treat sign


If you're a crafter it's time to work on those Halloween creations! Here's an easy tutorial for a cute Halloween wreath using two rolls of 10" Deco mesh, some ribbon and a halloween sign.


XX750427 24" White Pencil Wreath

RE1316E7 10" Black White Stripe Metallic Deco Mesh

RE850271 10" Apple Lime Border Mesh

AP8893 10" Black White Orange Trick or Treat Sign


X820609-09 1.5" Lime All Flat Glitter

51101-09-21 1.5" Orange Black Ultra Glitter Swirls

51205-40-01 2.5" White Linen Flocked Cats

55202-40-19 2/5" Orange Satin Black Glitter White Stripes

51212-40-20 2.5" Black Glitter Candy Corn

51203-40-21 2.5" White Satin Black Flocked Dots


Large Probow (optional)

EZ Bowmaker (optional)




I started this wreath by making the three bows first. You don't have to use a bowmaker if you free-had a bow. I used both the Probow and the EZ Bowmaker just to show that bows could be make on either board and be similar. Here's the link using the Probow for the Halloween bow:

Halloween Bow Tutorial Using the Probow

Wreath Instructions

You don't have to use a white pencil wreath, a black or lime would work. Also a Work Wreath instead of a Pencil wreath would work the same. 

Attach the striped 10" mesh to the wreath form and make 10" poufs around the inner ring. Then drop down to the outer ring and continue.

Make a second round of poufs on the outer ring and move back up to the inner ring with a second round.

I ran out of mesh leaving about two poufs short. Had I actually measured the mesh 10" instead of just eyeballing it, I probably would have had enough. But it didn't show. I marked the area where I was short with a chenille stem and planned to put my sign there.


Cut the apple and lime border mesh in 20" lengths. You should need 18 pieces. Turn the edges under a bit and gather up the mesh to make a ruffle. Attach a ruffle in each twist. I didn't reopen any of the twists for the poufs or the ruffles.

Make any adjustments as needed. 

Sign & Bows

Attach two chenille stems to the back of the sign. I used a stapler and cushioned the staple with a bit of a craft stick to keep the staple from going too deep into the sign.

halloween wreath tutorial

Attach the sign to the wire wreath. Don't attach too tightly since you don't want the sign to mash down into the wreath. You may need to hang the wreath up to attach it where you want it.

Attach the three bows also to the wire frame. Make sure all your ribbons are fluffed and facing right side out. Clip any loose strings. Make a hanger for the back of the wreath with chenille stems or floral wire.

 Happy Halloween! (Early....but it will be here soon!)

trick or treat halloween wreath




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