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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
halloween bow tutorial using 6 ribbons and probow

Halloween Bow Tutorial with the Probow

halloween bow using six ribbons and probow bowmaker

Bow Tutorial

This bow tutorial features the Terri Bow technique. The Terri Bow was developed by our good friend Terri Marshall of Mil & Dil Designs, using the Probow bowmaker and six ribbons. 

You can make any number of variations in this bow for instance, if you don't have six different ribbons, you can repeat ribbon patterns. Same with sizes. 

Today I picked out six different ribbons from the warehouse and got started on my Halloween project.


Probow Bowmaker

X820609-09 1.5" Lime All Flat Glitter

51101-09-21 1.5" Orange Black Ultra Glitter Swirls

51205-40-01 2.5" White Linen Flocked Cats

55202-40-19 2/5" Orange Satin Black Glitter White Stripes

51212-40-20 2.5" Black Glitter Candy Corn

51203-40-21 2.5" White Satin Black Flocked Dots

Wreath Tutorial

I started out making my three bows first, and then the wreath. So stay tuned for the wreath tutorial!

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