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Sweet Tea Wreath Tutorial

Sweet Tea Wreath Tutorial

Sweet Tea Wreath. Watch the video to learn how to add a sign and florals to a grapevine wreath. Make one for your front door!


Oval Grapevine Wreath

F4206611 17" White Sunflower Pick (2) 

63086SP28 28" Sunflower Lemon Leaves Pick

61908NAT 34" Natural Leaf Sprout Branch

MD0851 12" Sweet Tea and Sunshine Metal Sign

RGC171234 2.5" Sunflower Teal Check

RGC118629 1.5" Bright Yellow

EZ Bowmaker (optional)



Secure sign grapevine wreath with floral wire or chenille stems. You could also use binding wire (paper covered wire that holds well).

grapevine wreath tutorial


Make a simple bow and attach to wreath with chenille stems. You can make a hand-tied bow or use a bowmaker like the EZ Bowmaker. Leave the length on the tails for now until the wreath is finished. They can always be trimmed last.

Hot Glue

Typically, when I make something for myself, I don't use hot glue because I like to take things apart and re-purpose. But this wreath was for a friend, so I didn't want pieces falling off the wreath! Heat up your hot glue skillet or use a glue gun. I use a small 7-8" skillet from Amazon. 

The skillet works great, just heat it up and when you're done, put the lid back on it and let the glue cool back down.  I use it only for hot glue.


Separate the floral stems and start by adding a floral above the bow, then a similar one below the bow. Just keep adding back and forth having the floral somewhat match. 

Sometimes I like to get the position of where I want to place the stem, then dip it in the hot glue and replace for permanent replacement. It's not easy to change your mind once the glue has cooled off!

They don't have to match exactly. Add in all the extra pieces and use everything. 

Use the natural sprout leaf to add extra length and dimension. Face some of the blooms toward the front, the center and the sides.

Final Touches

Trim the ribbon tails to the desired length and make a chevron or dove-tail cut if you wish. I like to trim 1.5" ribbons at just a angle, but this is all just purely preference.

Create a hanger for the wreath using floral wire, binding wire or chenille stems. 

sweet tea and sunshine grapevine wreath


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