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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Fall Scarecrow Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial 2020

Fall Scarecrow Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial 2020

fall scarecrow wreath Time to make a fall scarecrow wreath!

5/13/21 Note: This post was initially created in 2020, most of the products are now sold out, but the tutorial is left up since you can choose other products and still create the same look.

It's never too early to start planning for fall decorations. Time is passing by so quickly, it will be here before you know it! We chose to use this cute scarecrow shelf sitter from Burton & Burton as the focal point of our scarecrow wreath.

We did this tutorial in a couple of different ways so that you can more choices for a final result.


scarecrow wreath supplies

Carrie brought these supplies to me from the Trendy Tree warehouse and I wasn't quite sure how I would put them all together. So, I decided to do the wreath in a couple of different ways. And they were all simple!

All the supplies are available at Trendy Tree (except I did use an old grapevine wreath in one version of the tutorial that I already had).

The grapevine wreath with the scarecrow shelf sitter will be a separate post.

9736803 Scarecrow Shelf Sitter (sold out)

XX7504W4 24" Burlap Pencil Wreath

XB97010-15 10" Dark Natural Frayed Burlap Mesh - 2 Rolls (sold out, but on order)

Q917440-29 Green Linen Yellow Daisy Ribbon

X912809-19 1.5" Fall Plaid Ribbon (sold out)

Possible Substitute:

24" Wreath - Wreath forms are in short supply this season, but we have more coming in. Most any light color would do. 

9721930 24" White Work Wreath

XB97910-15 10" Natural Fabric Mesh (2 rolls)

RY831318 10.5" Natural Faux Jute Mesh (2 rolls)

 Scarecrow Shelf Sitter - Sold out and will no longer be available. 

HA4028 Scarecrow Wreath Embellishment

HA4018 Scarecrow Wreath Embellishment Kit

61027-09-51 1.5" Fall Striped Ribbon

RGC140001 1.5" Fall Print Ribbon

41024-40-29 2.5" Sunflower Ribbon

Optional Florals

If you like, you can add florals to the scarecrow wreath. Here are the products we used.

4757-COR 36" Coral Wild Rose Spray

30356YW Yellow Baby's Breath Bush (sold out)

FL4410 Mini Saw Leaf Grass Bush

More Substitutions:

52604BU9 Fall Mixed Leaf Bush

Wreath Form

We used a 24" burlap colored pencil wreath. A 24" pencil wreath or 24" work wreath are the same size.

The only difference is the size of the twist, with the pencil wreath being smaller. The widest ring on our 24" wreath measures 15" in diameter.

But, with the addition of mesh, ribbons, etc, you wind up with a finished wreath of about 24" or greater.

You could use a burlap or cream-colored pencil wreath or work wreath for the scarecrow wreath project.

Burlap Mesh

Dark frayed burlap mesh is made of Polypropylene and jute. It measured 10" in width and each roll at 10 yards. The edges are frayed.

I think the frayed edges make it a perfect mesh for a fall project and I've used it several times. I don't know about you, but I hate having a little bit of mesh leftover!

It's okay to have leftover ribbon because you can use that up in a funky bow, but at my house, leftover rolls of mesh are just left, leftover.

There are typically 18 twists on a 24" pencil or work wreath, so I just did the math. Each roll of mesh has 360" so divide that by 18 and that gives you 20" So, that's how I came up with making my ruffles 20" in length.

I placed two ruffles in each twist for the scarecrow wreath. Now, in the past, we have cut mesh in 10" lengths and placed three ruffles in a twist. I did that even if I was using the same color mesh.

One day I saw Lori Jacobs, Hard Working Mom, make a ruffle wreath and she was using just one style of 10" mesh. She cut her ruffle in a 30" length and applied one ruffle to a twist. Since that time, we have done the same thing, if we are using just one style or color of mesh.

I supposed I could have tried a 40" ruffle but a 30" ruffle is pretty much a handful, so I opted for two 20" ruffles to each twist.

cut burlap mesh ruffles

Ruffle Technique

I like to choose the ruffle technique because it's one of the easiest for beginner wreath makers to do.

Make a ruffle by scrunching up through the mesh, pinch and secure in a twist. Place two 20" ruffles in each twist. We are not using ribbon strips in this tutorial, so close the twist 3-4 times to secure.

Go around the outer ring and inner ring. It really doesn't matter which area to start on first.

ruffles finished


The accent piece for the scarecrow wreath is, of course, the scarecrow. This is a Burton & Burton product and he's so cute! He's a shelf sitter, but lightweight.

Secure the scarecrow to the wreath form using floral wire around the bottom and top of the scarecrow.

Once you have finished the wreath, don't forget to check those wires on the back. Turn any ends that might scratch your door to the inside.

attach scarecrow


Make a bow for the scarecrow wreath using the two ribbons. We made about a 12" wreath bow with just simple loops.

Make five loops with the 2.5" ribbon and five loops the same size with the 1.5" ribbon. The tails were about 16" in length.

You will have ribbon left over, so you might prefer to make more than one bow, or add in some ribbon strips. It's all just a matter of choice.

measure ribbon to keep loops even

One of the most difficult things about making a hand-tied bow is keeping the loops even! So, if you have trouble with this, don't despair. So do I!

Now, you can make a beautiful bow using the E-Z Bowmaker or Probow and I had both of those in the house, but today I made a freehand bow.

The trick to keeping the loops even, is to measure. If you want 6" loops, measure 12" of your ribbon, and measure each time.

Check your loops from time to time before you get too far along in case you need to make adjustments. Make a bow for the scarecrow wreath and secure it to the wreath form with floral wire.

make a simple hand tied bow

Love these ribbons! Don't be afraid to mix patterns, and you don't always have to use 3-4 or four ribbons in a bow.

Some of the prettiest bows I've made just had one or two ribbons in them. You can stop right now at this point if you wish and here's what your wreath would look like.

scarecrow wreath with just a bow and scarecrow

I like the scarecrow wreath just like this! It really makes the little scarecrow stay out and he's not covered up with a bunch of ribbon.


To add another step to the scarecrow wreath, add some florals. Please note that we did not use any hot glue to secure our florals. We only did this because we planned to use the same florals on a grapevine wreath just to demonstrate how the wreath would look with florals.

So if you are making this wreath for yourself or to sell, use hot glue.))) Watch the video to see how we added the florals.

add florals to a wreath

Here's the finished wreath.

fall scarecrow wreath

Lots of different options! We'll show you a grapevine wreath using the same products too. That post will be coming out soon.

Update: Here's the link to the post using a grapevine wreath, no mesh:

Fall Scarecrow Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

If you liked our fall scarecrow wreath, leave us a comment! We love hearing from our viewers and want to do the type of tutorials you are interested in.

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