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How to Make a Scarecrow Wreath


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Want to know how to make a scarecrow wreath? Just watch this video tutorial and we will show you. It’s easy!

This scarecrow wreath was made using a supply kit from Trendy Tree. The supplies in the kit will be listed. Some of them may be available on the website, but some may not. We will leave the tutorial up ever after the kits have sold out. You can follow the basic instructions and choose different, mesh, sign, ribbons etc.

Purchase kit here: 2019 Scarecrow Wreath Supply Kit


XX7504W4 24″ Burlap Pencil Wreath

XB970-15 21″ Dark Natural Frayed Burlap Mesh

RP820294 10″ Burlap Jute Snowball Frayed Edge Mesh

MD0325 Metal Scarecrow Face

HA4029 Felt Scarecrow Hat

RGA1085CJ 1.5″ Beige Chicken Wire Print Ribbon

RG0181325 2.5″ Royal Blue Yellow Sunflower Ribbon

RG2028J8 1.5″ Orange Yellow Ric Rac Ribbon

RG0180025 2.5″ Royal Blue White Check Ribbon


Basic Pouf Technique

We started making the scarecrow wreath with the 21″ mesh and did a pouf technique around the outer and inner rings. The poufs were about 13″ After the poufs were made, there was about 1-2 yards of mesh left.

10″ Mesh

The 10″ frayed edge mesh was cut into 20″ lengths. We arrived at 20″ because a 10 yard roll of mesh should yield about 360″ and there were 18 twists on the wreath. So 360 divided by 18 = 20. Twenty pieces were cut using all the 10″ mesh. The last piece came out a bit shorter than 20″ but it was perfectly fine, it did not show.

The 20″ pieces were folded in half and pinched in the center. One of these pieces was secured to each of the twist on the pencil wreath. The frayed edges just add to the shabby chic style of this wreath. Plus…you don’t have to clip strings! All mesh unravels, no matter what kind it is. Clip any string that are really in your way)))R


We used a self-healing cutting mat on our table which makes an excellent surface for cutting and has measurements. They are available on the website and you can purchase here. We have two sizes available:



We used a rotary stick cutter for cutting the mesh. This is an very handy tool and really speeds up the hand work when making wreaths. Here’s the one we have in stock:



A new tool we used on this wreath and showed in the video was a collapsible wreath holder created by Susie’s Wreath Shop. This wreath holder can be purchased in her Etsy store.

More info: “Mesh Roller holds Deco mesh and ribbons while cutting and measuring. Prevents the materials from curling while cutting. This is the perfect tool for all wreath makers. This Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Roller can also be used to hold multiple spools of ribbon while you work as well. Each Mesh Roller now comes with 1/5″ dowel rods, divider ring(s) and optional peel and stick magnet for straight pins. Inside measurements of the dowels are 24.5″ to accommodate two 12 inch rolls of vinyl or a 24″ roll of craft paper. Now a Best Seller!!

This Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Roller roller holds up to six rolls of 10″ Deco mesh at once (or) up to three rolls of 21″ Deco mesh with room to spare for ribbon too. The Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Roller is fully collapsible for easy storage. You can also store it by hanging it on a pegboard.

The perfect tool for Deco mesh, Ribbons, craft paper, stabilizers, vinyl and much more.”

We have to agree with all of the above! We love this mesh holder! And it folds up and tucks away to conserve table top space.


mesh holder, deco mesh holder. holder to cut mesh, ribbon holder, wreath making too, wreath making mesh holder

Scarecrow Face

The scarecrow wreath face sign already has a hole at the top and the bottom. We used wire to secure the face to the wreath frame. You don’t want to squish the sign down into the mesh to far. You can also use chenille stems to attach. The round face could be used in the center or two the side of the wreath.

You may want to hang the wreath up to see exactly where you want to place the face.

Scarecrow Hat

The scarecrow wreath hat had two metal wires on it. Once we decided on our placement, the wires were not necessarily where we needed them. So floral wire was slipped through the felt on the back of the hat. The wires were secured to the twists. You can secure to the frame of course too. We added extra wire in a couple of places.


We chose four different styles of ribbon. Two were 2.5″ in width and two where 1.5″ in width. All the ribbon was wired and all were 10 yard rolls.

Ribbon can be applied to your wreath in several different ways. In the video, you will see two different styles. On one wreath we simply made a 12″ bow with 20″ tails. In a second image, we cut 13″ ribbon strips from each of the four styles of ribbon. A ribbon cluster was made with the four ribbons and a ribbon cluster applied to each twist.

Remaining ribbon was used to make a bow for the scarecrow wreath. You can decorate the wreath with a ribbon style of your choice. Loops and tails, bows, or any combination.

Bows can be made a number of ways. The bows for this wreath were made with the EZ Bowmaker. You could also make a free handed bow, use the ProBow or Bowdabra. We’re not choosy when it comes to bows))) We use whatever we have on hand…..or just make it free style.

how to make a wreath, pouf technique, make a wreath, fall wreath, autumn door wreath with scarecrow


You can make a hanger for your wreath using chenille stems, floral wire or zip ties. Always check the back of your wreath for anything sharp that might scratch your door and either snip it off or cover it up.

Clip any frays that need it.

To see more of our tutorials, just browse this section: Tutorials

Here’s a link to a blog post showing how Rachel created a double door wreath using the new bicycle wheels: How to Make Double Door Wreaths

Happy crafting!


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