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Easter Chick Print Wreath Tutorial Facebook Live 2/14/17



Here’s a brief summary of our Facebook Live video from 2/14/17.

Supply List

XX750441 24″ Turquoise Pencil Wreath

RE1302ME 10″ Easter Egg Blue Deco Poly Mesh – 2 Rolls

E3519009 RAZ Chicks or Bunny Print – We used the Chicks print

Q712440-22 2.5″ Yellow Bunnies & Carrots Ribbon

Q716840-09 2.5″ Lime White Dash Check Plaid

Q716809-46 1.5″ Coral White Dash Check Plaid

Q715709-33 1.5″ Teal Soft Canvas Dots

Please note that this tutorial will be left up even when some or all of the supplies might be sold out, since the basic directions can still be followed and different materials chosen. Just stick with the same size product.


The 24″ Turquoise Pencil Work Wreath was chosen (you can use other colors). The 24″ wreath measures 15″ across the widest ring, but with the addition of mesh and other products, your finished wreath measures 24″ or greater.

Deco Poly Mesh: The mesh chosen was 10″ in width; 10 yards in length. It takes almost two full rolls. Cut the mesh into 10″ lengths. It won’t take all of the two rolls, you will have a little left over and you can fill in any gaps if needed. This plain mesh has no foil and it takes layers of mesh to get good coverage.

Take the 10″ x 10″ piece of mesh and let it roll up naturally on the table. Open the rolled mesh and and pull gently on the diagonal. Walk your fingers to the middle of the piece of pinch together. It makes a sort of elongated bow. Make three pieces the same and attach all three pieces into a twist on the work wreath.

Hindsight: In the video we started on the inner ring. It will be easier if you start on the outer ring. Close the twist with just a couple of turns for now.

Work all the way around the outer ring, then the inner ring, placing the cluster of three pieces in each twist.

Ribbon Strips: We cut our ribbon strips in 13″ lengths and did a chevron cut to the ends. You can leave them plain or cut, whichever you prefer. In the video, we added two ribbon strips to each twist, just alternating the choices of the four ribbons. When adding ribbon strips, be sure to open up the twist, add the ribbon and then close the twist with 3-4 turns.

Hindsight: After we filmed, we decided to add in more ribbon, so we wound up adding a cluster of ribbon strips (1 of each of the 4 different ribbons) into each twist.

Attaching Picture: As you can see in the video, we didn’t have what we needed during filming to attach the picture correctly. The picture has two saw tooth hangers on the back, but the easiest way to attach it was to use a heavy duty stapler and staple a piece of chenille stem to the center of the frame on the back, at the top and bottom. We put two staples in each chenille stem.

Hindsight: We cute our chenille stems in half, but it would work easier to leave them full length. We barely had enough stem to secure well.

Position your picture in the center of the wreath and secure the chenille stems to the work wreath frame.

Working from the back of your wreath, push all the mesh and ribbon pieces toward the front of the wreath if any have migrated to the back.

Fluff and straighten all your ribbons.

We took the remaining ribbon and made two large bows and positioned on the left upper corner of the picture and the lower right corner.

Bows were secured to the work wreath frame. We used the scrap bow technique and you can see a video on that here: Valentine Bow from Scrap Ribbon

The overall finished wreath measured about 34-36″ in width. Always check the back of your wreath for any sharp objects and make a wreath hanger out of chenille stems, floral wire or zip ties.

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