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DIY Scarecrow Wreath with Legs



This is a not so scary Scarecrow! DIY tutorial that anyone can do.


10/20/15 Update

Some of the supplies are now sold out, but you can substitute ribbons and mesh. The legs are sold out for the 2015 season, but we still have some of the heads.

XX765118  Jute 24″ Work Wreath (You can use other colors)

XB97010-15 Dark Natural Frayed Edge Burlap Mesh 10″ x 10 yards (We have Light Natural Frayed Edge also XB97010-18)

XB96310-19 Orange Poly Orange Jute Mesh 10″ x 10 yards

RG181114 Denim Ribbon 2.5″ x 10 yards (2.5″ is sold out, but we have 1.5″ RG127865)

RG17805T Talisman Dark Cream Stripe Ribbon 1.5″ x 10 yards (This ribbon is sold out but we have 2.5″ RG1781C5)

RG1690TN Cowhide Print Chocolate Ivory 2.5″ x 10 yards (sold out, but we have 1.5″ in black/ivory RG1689NY)

X411609-21 Metallic Fall Stripe Ribbon 1.5″ x 10 yards (sold out but we have Scarecrow print in similar colors X514340-49)

9725475 Scarecrow

80100 Hanging Scarecrow Legs (sold out for the season)


More Alternatives:

RG1693T1 Blue Bandana Print 2.5″

X414940-21 Candy Corn 2.5″

X540240-10 Orange Burgundy Stripe 2.5″



The wreath is a 24″ Jute Work Wreath. Our 24″ wreaths actually measure 15″ across the largest wire ring. But with the additional of materials, you finished wreath is usually 24″ or larger.

The Jute wreath is similar to the pencil wreath, but one side of the twist is actually made of jute, otherwise it is the same as a Burlap Work Wreath or Burlap Pencil Wreath.


The Dark Natural Frayed Edge Burlap mesh is a new product for this season. It has a wider weave that regular poly mesh. It has a poly mesh base and jute thread, both edges are frayed. This also comes in a 21″ width and a few other colors.  The roll is 10″ in width; 10 yards in length.

The Jute Work Wreath has 18 twists normally, and we plan to put two ruffles in each twist using the frayed edge burlap. One roll should be sufficient for adding two layers of ruffles into each twist. Some rolls may not be exactly the same length, but being short a ruffle or two will not be noticeable. If I have any extra, I usually add that in too.

We use a 24″ x 36″ self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)


Cut your mesh strips in 10″ pieces.


Scrunch up through the middle (starting at your cut edge with frayed edges to the sides) and gather into a ruffle. Open up a twist on the wreath and secure the ruffle with just a twist or two. It doesn’t matter if you start on the inside or outside ring, just wherever you prefer.

You can make two ruffles and secure them both at the same time. Better yet…have someone make the ruffle and hand them to you to secure in the wreath)))


If you add one ruffle on top of another, be sure to open up your twist and lay the ruffle directly down on top of the first ruffle. Re-secure the twist with only a couple of turns.

Continue around your wreath until you have two ruffles in each twist. You should need about 36.


I like the new frayed edge burlap….shabby chic)))


Next we added another ruffle in orange. This also is a new product for this season. If you are familiar with the poly jute that we previously had, the poly portion was orange and the jute thread was a natural color. That product has been discontinued and now the product is orange poly with an orange jute thread, much more colorful!

Cut 10″ pieces same as the frayed edge burlap and make a ruffle. Open up a twist, make sure the two previously ruffles stay in place and add the orange on top of that. Again, just re-secure with a couple of twists since we still have more product to add.


Cut your ribbon strips 12″ in length and chevron the ends. We chose 4 different ribbons to use on this wreath, two that were 2.5″ in width; and 2 that were 1.5″ in width. You can use a wide range of ribbons on a wreath like this….just pick out something you like with some colors that blend and some that contrast. We clustered all four styles of ribbon into one clump and attached them all at one time.


Open up your twist, and place the ribbon on top of the orange ruffle. This time you can re-secure your twist with 3-4 turns since this is your last layer.


Next we added the scarecrow head. This scarecrow head is very light and easy to attach. It has a jute string for hanging, so we secured it to the work wreath frame with the string. You can also secure it with a little wire or zip tie around the bottom to make it more secure.


The hanging scarecrow legs came next. For our wreath, we just attached them to the work wreath frame from the back with some clips since our wreath will not be a permanent wreath. But the top portion of the legs have a cloth band and you can easily slip some small floral wire through it and secure to the wreath frame. The legs dangle, but do have wire so you can shape them.

This finishes your wreath! It measures about 27″ in diameter. Be sure to clip any loose strings….course with the frayed edge burlap if we had it, it wasn’t noticeable))) Check your back and make sure it looks neat, cover any sharp edges with tape and make a hanger out of a couple of zip ties and you are ready for fall!






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  1. Brenda says:

    Beautiful, love your wreaths.

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