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Spring Grapevine Wreath with Florals and Happy Easter Sign

Spring Grapevine Wreath with Florals and Happy Easter Sign

spring grapevine easter wreath A spring grapevine Easter wreath is a great project that is perfect for Easter and after Easter, just remove the sign. You're then left with a beautiful spring grapevine wreath for your door. (See image at bottom of post.)


16" Grapevine Wreath 

201132 Happy Easter Sign

PM2159-LPLAV Victorian Rose Bundle

24192 Mixed Lavender Bundle

60756 Pussy Willow Spray

RGA1691AJ Glitter Plaid Cream Pink Lavender Ribbon - sold out

Suggested Substitute:   

RGA1608WT Painted Floral Ribbon


RG0196564 2,5" Cream Iridescent Ribbon

Grapevine Wreath

We used a 16" grapevine wreath, but an 18" would work just as well. You can fashion a hanger for the grapevine wreath using rustic wire, floral wire, or chenille stems.

Happy Easter Sign

We used a Happy Easter sign for the spring grapevine wreath. The sign is from Burton & Burton and measures about 15" in height and tag shaped. It's made of MDF.

You can attach the sign to the grapevine wreath using chenille stems stapled to the back of the sign.

Be sure your staple doesn't go all the way through the sign. Use long needle nose pliers to help pull the chenille stems through the grapevine wreath and secure. Leave the chenille stems full length.


Make a wreath size bow (about 12" in diameter) for the spring grapevine wreath.

You can make the bow free-handed, or use the E-Z Bowmaker, Bowdabra, or Probow. Leave the tails about 16" to 18" in length. You can always shorten them when you are finished if necessary.

The plaid ribbon is very stiff and holds up very well. The cream Dupioni is the same on both sides. Both ribbons are wired and easy to work with. I used a piece of floral wire to secure the bow and attach it to the grapevine wreath.


Start by un-bundling the Victorian rose bundle. It contains about 17 separate stems.

We used all the Victorian Rose Bundle in the spring grapevine wreath starting with the largest pieces first.

spring grapevine wreath, easter sign

You can use a bush cutter to cut stems, but today I had to just use a heavy-duty wire cutter. Either one will work.

Also, when working with a grapevine wreath it's helpful to use a stemming machine like the Steelpix, but I didn't have it at home, so I had to just make do.

Each stem added to the spring grapevine wreath was dipped in hot glue before inserting. It's always helpful to start with your largest blooms first and get an idea of placement.

Filler pieces can be inserted afterward along with longer pieces. A couple of pieces were inserted into the bow. All the pieces from the florals were used.

The Pussy Willow branches added some texture and dimension. Love the little fuzzy buds!


Check the back of the wreath to make sure nothing is sticking through the wreath. If stems are sticking out too far, just snip them off.

Re-fluff your bow and make sure your tails are all facing the right side up. Trim the ends of your ribbon with a dove-tail cut or angled cut.

If your ribbon has a pretty backside, you can just roll up the edges too as we did on the cream Dupioni. When Easter is over, you can remove the sign and replace it with another, or just leave it off. The wreath would be pretty either way.

Here's a couple of suggestions for spring signs:

A4447 Spring Garden Signs Assorted

30069111 Live Simply

We have many more spring and summer signs to choose from, just browse this link: Spring Summer Signs

curl ribbon edges

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Last Thoughts

This Easter will be different for all of us. Please stay safe, wash your hands, practice physical distancing, support our healthcare providers, first responders, leaders, and essential workers that keep everything going for the rest of us to stay in our home. Keep praying this will all be over soon!


Update 4/20/20

The wreath without the sign. Still pretty! And will last until I make something for summer or fall!

spring grapevine wreath


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