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2017 Scarecrow Centerpiece Tutorial


This is our 2017 version of the scarecrow centerpiece. It is similar to the one we did last year, but we used a flat backed twig pumpkin for the “butt” this time.


XX759902 Ribbon Rail (other colors could be used)

HA4014 4-Piece Scarecrow Kit – Sold out – no more coming in. (other scarecrow kits would work)

F16089 Twig Pumpkin Assorted – Sold out – no more coming in. (you could use a big rounded orange bow)

RR800238 10″ Orange/Yellow Paper Mesh (other colors or other 10″ mesh product could be used)

RG0101252 1.5″ Copper Metallic Ribbon – Sold out – no more coming in. autumn ribbon(choose another )

RG0132061 1.5″ Primitive Black/Tan Gingham Check (available only in centerpiece kit – but you could choose another 1.5″ ribbon substitute)

RA128318 2.5″ Natural Jute Mesh Ribbon (wired and stretchy) – Sold out – no more coming in – Choose another style of ribbon

2017 Scarecrow Centerpiece Kit – SOLD OUT – no more will be available this season.

Please note that if you click on one of the links above and it takes you to a “dead” page, the item is likely sold out and no longer available. We leave the tutorials up however, since you can usually choose substitutions and still follow the basic directions.


XX759902 The pencil rail is about 22″ in length and 4″ in width. It has about 11 twist around it.

We used a black, you can use most any color. Other colors here: Pencil Ribbon Rail

RR800238 – This paper mesh is 10″ in width and 10 yards in length. It is made of paper, even though it has a special coating on it, it is still made of paper and should be protected from moisture. We made “curls” by cutting lengths of paper 10″.

Just let the paper roll up naturally and make a curl with a diameter of 1.5 to 2″. Make three curls and position them sort of opposite of each other, don’t just stack them right on top of each other. Choose a twist on the rail and secure the three curls in one twist. It will be bulky so secure it with 2-3 turns. Work all the way around the rail adding a cluster of three curls. You could also do ruffles if you had rather. Just go with your preference. You could make this project using other styles of paper mesh or other mesh products, but you might want to stay with a 10″ product.

Paper mesh ravels. Cut strings rather than pull or you will get a never-ending supply of strings. We have experimented with Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive and this works well to help reduce raveling on paper mesh. But since you would likely use this centerpiece in the house and it wouldn’t be exposed to the elements, it probably would not be necessary.

HA4014 Scarecrow Kit – The kit comes in four pieces, head, arms and legs. The pieces are lightly stuffed and each piece has wires that you can use to connect to the ribbon rail.

F16089 Twig Pumpkin – The twig pumpkin comes assorted with sunflowers in reddish or yellow colors. They are both so similar we have not provided an option on the website to choose one color or the other. If you order one, the pumpkin available will be shipped. This would be the same with the kit.


Place the flat backed twig pumpkin on the rail and then position the scarecrow legs.  Make sure you don’t have a gap between the scarecrow legs and the pumpkin.

Once you find your position for the twig pumpkin, secure it in place with a zip tie or two attaching the pumpkin directly metal frame. The scarecrow head can be placed right in front of the pumpkin looking straight ahead or you can turn it to the side a little, just whichever you prefer.

Once you have secured the pumpkin, then secure the butt/legs with the wire that is attached. You can shape the legs if you wish. The head has wires on it in a couple of places, and you make not need them all. The head may be easier connected to the twig pumpkin.

The scarecrow arms are a little easier to attach if you put them together first with a zip tie, this helps keep them even when you attach them to the rail frame. The arms also can be shaped.

Once you secure the pumpkin and the scarecrow pieces, view the centerpiece from all sides. We had to add in a cluster of curls to the front to make it even. We did this by just making a cluster of three curls, wrapped a piece of floral wire around the center of the curl and twisted it on the back. Secured the cluster then directly to the rail frame.

RA128318 RG0101252, RG0132061 – We used three different ribbons for this project. Two 1.5″ ribbons and one 2.5″. 2.5″ natural mesh ribbon is completely wired and you can stretch the width and shape it. We cut pieces about 24″ in length and made simple loops of about 4-5″ (no ends showing) Then we cut 12″ pieces of the two 1.5″ ribbons and made a cluster with the three ribbons having the 2.5″ loops on the bottom.

The RG0132061 is not available on the website and will only be available in the supply kits. You can always substitute with another 1.5″ fall ribbon once the kits are sold out.

To attach the ribbon cluster, just un-do one of the twist, making sure the paper curls stay in place, lay the cluster down and re-secure the twist with 3-4 turns. If you don’t want the ends of your twist to show, you can tuck them to the inside. We placed ribbon clusters almost all the way around the rail except for the widest portion of the pumpkin where it extended wider than the rail.  If you wanted to add ribbon clusters here, you could by just securing the ribbon cluster with a piece of floral wire and securing the cluster to the twig pumpkin.



When your centerpiece if finished, check the back side for any sharp edges that might scratch your table. You might want to place the centerpiece on a tablecloth, table runner, or just fold up a towel or something to go under it to avoid any scratches.

Happy Fall Y’all!













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