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easter wreath tutorial using deco mesh

Easter Wreath with He Is Risen Sign

easter wreath tutorial using deco mesh

Easter Wreath

Taalor made this pretty He Is Risen sign in the shop the other day so we selected some ribbons and mesh to put together an Easter wreath. 

The supplies do come in a kit.....while the supplies last! Here are links to the kit and individual product in case you want to change something up.



Trendy Tree "He Is Risen" Deco Mesh Kit

Individual Products

TT-085 - 10" He Is Risen Metal Sign

RX9143WW - 2.5" Lime/White Polka Dot Ribbon

RGE778915 - 7/8" Glitter Pink Ribbon

RX9148X7 - 1.5" Yellow/White Stripe Ribbon

RGA16828K - 2.5" Bold Blooms Ribbon

XB240310-04 - 10" Blue/White Fabric Stripe Mesh

RY8501E2 - 10.5" Lavender/White Iridescent Foil Mesh

XX750437 - 24" Lime Pencil Wreath

Remember when choosing individual products you can always choose other colors, or styles of ribbon. Just stick to the same measurements. Another color of wreath would work just as well too.

Watch the Video

The video is a replay of the Facebook/TikTok live we did yesterday.

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Just the Facts!

Cut the mesh into 20" strips. You should have enough on each roll to cut 18 each. If your last strip comes out a little short, it will never show. 

Place to ruffles (kruffles) in each twist. We alternated between a lavender on the bottom with blue on top and vice versa. Roll the edges in a bit before you scrunch up through the middle to make the ruffle. This will help decrease the amount of unraveling. All mesh unravels. Just clip any wild strings.

We made two large 14" identical bows. But you can add ribbon strips if you wish. 

The sign was placed in the center and attached with chenille stems. Carrie and Ashleigh punched a hole in the sign at the top and bottom. Secure the sign to the wreath form without squashing down the mesh too much. We placed bows at the upper right and lower left. 

Make a hanger for the wreath using chenille stems, floral wire, or a zip tie.

Stay tuned for more!

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