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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Happy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Happy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Looking for an easy to make Halloween wreath? Well you've come to the right place! 
This Happy Halloween wreath was easy to make and I know you can do it too.
This wreath inspiration comes from Damon Oates, DecoExchange. I watched one of his lives using the technique for this wreath and was intrigued to try it myself. I love it!
Many thanks to Damon for all his teaching and help that he provides to so many people.
If you would like to learn more about Damon's wreath making and coaching groups, just visit his website:  DECOEXCHANGE
Just watch the video and see how easy this wreath was to make.


AP8842 Happy Halloween Sign

XX751564 Black Pencil Wreath with Purple Balls

RY930176 21" Black Orange Purple Lime Faux Jute Mesh

RY850476 10" Lime Green Purple Orange Black Border Mesh

RGA1920CN 2.5" Watercolor Stripes Ribbon

RGA1464XW 2.5" Lime Green Orange Polka Dot Ribbon

Attach Mesh

Start on any twist on the outer ring and make 10" poufs around the wreath using the 21" mesh. Only do poufs on the outer ring. You will have mesh left over.

When using a pencil ball wreath, it's very important to secure the twist by twisting the actual twist and not twisting by the balls. Well, there just isn't any other way to describe it.

For the inner ring, cut 8 pieces of the 10" border mesh in 25" lengths. Take the 25" strip and roll the edges under making a roll. Bring both ends together by scrunching up the mesh. Placed the scrunched up mesh with rolled ends into one of the twists on the inner ring. There are 8 twists. Continue placed a scrunched up roll in each twist around the inner ring.

You will also have 10" mesh left over.

Attach Sign

Use full length chenille stems and staple to the back of the sign. Placing the chenille stems on top and bottom of the back of the sign works better. 

Be careful not to use too large a stapler that your staple goes through the sign. If this is a problem, you can fold a piece of cardboard and staple on top of that. 

You can also use stick on tabs for attaching the chenille stems or floral wire too.

Attach the sign to the right side of the wreath. Work the chenille stems through the mesh and secure the sign to the metal wreath form. Check your position a time or two before securing it well. 

Wrap the excess chenille stem around the wreath form to make the back neater.

Make Bows

Make three bows just a like. You can free-hand the bows or use a bowmaker. I used the EZ Bowmaker for these bows.

There are many different ways to make bows. We did use six styles of ribbon for this bow which is a version of the Terri Bow. The Terri Bow was designed by Terri Marshall of Mil and Dil Designs. It's a type of funky bow and really a great way to use up short ends of ribbon. Anything goes with a Terri Bow!

You'll have ribbon left over even after we cut a few ribbon strips.

Attach the bows on the left side. One at the top, one at the bottom and the third one in the middle. 

Ribbon Strips

Add ribbon strips to 10 twists on the right side of the wreath, inner ring. Cut strips 14" in length and dovetail or finish off ends with angled cut. Apply 2-3 ribbons in each twist. My math never works out! I cut too many ribbon strips so my clusters were made up of about three ribbons. Just alternate styles and sizes. 

Tidy Up

Check the back of your wreath and make it neat. Check for anything sharp that might scratch your door.

Fluff your ribbons and give the tails a little bit of body by running your hand under them to give them a little curl.

Clip any loose strings. Actually, there were very little ravels to be snipped doing this style of wreath. The cut edges of the 10" mesh were rolled under so that really cut down on the exposure of raw edges. 


Happy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Cost Saving Tips

1.  You can use a less expensive wreath form, just a plain pencil or work wreath will work just as well.

2.  21" Mesh could be a less expensive style especially since it really just forms a base and is not that visible.

3. You could get by using less styles of ribbon. Check your ribbon stash! I bet you have some short rolls left that might work. 

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