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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Grapevine Coffee Wreath Tutorial Perfect for Kitchen or Coffee Bar

Grapevine Coffee Wreath Tutorial Perfect for Kitchen or Coffee Bar

Do you need a wreath for your kitchen or coffee bar? This grapevine wreath with coffee sign and ribbon is a perfect choice. And it's easy to make!
Just watch the video below.


16-18" Oval Grapevine (or you could use round)

AP7017 Coffee Sign

35108CM Beige Sunflower Bouquet (sold out, suggestions below)

52503BE Mini Sunflower Bush (sold out, suggestions below)

RGB109327 2.5" Coffee Cups Ribbon (sold out, suggestions below)

X844509-38 1.5" Brown White Linen Stripe (sold out, suggestions below)

EZ Bowmaker

Suggested Alternatives

29432CM Cream Sunflower

56436CM Cream Sunflower Pumpkin Spray

30302CM Cream Sunflower Bush

56663BE Sweet Beige Daisy Spray

X844540-38-brown 2.5" Brown White Linen Stripe

RX9146TX 2.5" Brown Ivory Dot

65110-09-38 1.5" Sunflower Cheetah Print

RGC1314F3 1.5" Teal Brown Brush Strokes



This tutorial was made with a previously used grapevine wreath. So the first step was to remove all the previous pieces. This was easy to do, since the pieces were not hot-glued in.

Note: This tutorial is for a wreath to be used in my home in a stationary spot above the kitchen stove, on a brick wall. I did not use any hot glue or anything to secure the individual pieces.

If you are making this for a door, or to sell you would definitely want to use hot glue to secure your pieces.

Attach the Sign

Secure two chenille stems to the back of your sign with staples or stick on tabs. If you use staples take care that the staples don't go all the way through your sign. You can use a little piece of cardboard under the staple if needed.

Position the sign and secure with the chenille stems. You can also use floral wire instead of chenille stems.

coffee sign

Make a Bow

I used the EZ Bowmaker for my bow, but you can make a free-handed bow or use a different type of bowmaker.

The bow was about 12" in diameter when finished and had two styles of ribbon. One was 2.5" and one was 1.5" 

The bow was secured to the wreath using a chenille stem. Trim the tails to a desired length and dove-tail the ends or cut at an angle.

A handful of raffia was also secured to the bow with floral wire.

Add the Florals

I like to start with the largest florals first and add in the smaller ones along with some filler like the greenery. 

Again, I did not use hot glue on these florals because my wreath will be stationary and I was just making it for myself))

I used all of the Sunflower Bouquet and all of the Mini Sunflower Bush.

Finishing Touch

Curl your ribbons a bit to give them a little body and bounce. Trim the tails to the desired length and do a dovetail or angled cut on the ends. 

Make a hanger for your wreath using floral wire or paper wrapped wire. 

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you for visiting the Trendy Tree Blog. If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note right here: Trendy Tree Blog

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