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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Easy Fall Lantern Topper

Easy Fall Lantern Topper


Easy Fall Lantern Topper or Swag 

(Updated Aug, 2021)

This is a tutorial for an easy fall lantern topper, mostly using leftovers!

Watch the video below.



Lantern choices are easy because there are so many to choose from! I personally like ones that have really large open spaces so you can view what's inside the lantern.

My lantern is wood, glass and metal. It's very "generic" and you can use it for all occasions and seasons. It actually was a set of two, but ever since we moved, I've not been able to locate the smaller one! Frustrating, because I know we moved the lanterns by car so it wasn't the movers fault. It has to be the box putter upper's fault.....and that would be me!

Here's a lantern from Amazon that is similar to mine along with my affiliate link.

wood and glass lantern from amazon

Anyway, buy a pretty lantern that you like. One reason I like decorating a lantern is that you can create a "spot" of seasonal decoration or a holiday without going all out and decorating an entire room, entryway etc.

A lantern topper makes it easy to do a quick change.

For my fall lantern, I dug out some previously used pieces and made it all work. You know, you have that stash in the closet or garage filled with leftover bits of flowers, stems or greenery. 

Of course, you can always start with new products. 


EC4050 Wild Bittersweet Bush

52406OR Bittersweet Spray

13137FA Fall Boxwood Bush - sold out 

Suggested substitute: 23902 Pepperberry 

or 2604BU9 Mixed Fall Leaf Bush

HA1314 Maple Leaf Spray - sold out

Suggested substitute: FL3335 Canadian Maple Leaf Spray

FL4377-BURT Burgundy Rust Autumn Ash Spray - sold out (just use more of the Pepperberry spray)

61014-09-27-plaid 1.5" Orange Navy Plaid Ribbon

X914740-27 2.5" Navy White Pumpkin Ribbon



Make a base with your longest floral pieces and decide if you want it to trail off longer on one side, or be more even. Secure the pieces with zip ties in the center. 

Add in any other pieces of floral or blooms and secure with zip tie or floral wire either one. 

Make a bow, or just simple loops and tails like we did in the video and secure to the floral piece. 

Use a piece of ribbon to tie the arrangement on to your lantern, or a piece of floral wire

If you want to add in extra pieces of floral after the bundle is secured, just use a little hot glue. 

Trim the tails of your ribbon and you're done! Position your lantern in it's spot and fluff the pieces as needed. Keep in mind how your lantern will be viewed when making the floral. 

My lantern was front facing so I concentrated on the front and sides.

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