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Patriotic Lantern Topper Tutorial

Patriotic Lantern Topper Tutorial

patriotic lantern topper

Update: This post was originally done in 2020, but you can still apply the same directions, just use similar products.

A Patriotic Lantern Topper is the perfect project to work on during this "sheltering in place" time. A lantern makes for a nice spot of decoration when you don't want to decorate a whole room.


Lantern (available on Amazon) Lanterns Set of 2

FS320924 29" Red Poppy Spray - 2

4154-B Blue Penta Blossom Bush (sold out)

24178 Red Geranium Bush (sold out)

CS3123pwh White Hydrangea Bush (sold out)

62282BU12 White Green Gypsum Bush (sold out)

18191 2.5″ Red Outdoor Velvet Ribbon (sold out)

God Bless America Ribbon (sold out)

Substitute Suggestions

SE6090 Red Geranium Bush

F4202040 White Geranium Bush

FS320924 Poppy Spray

62959SP16 Poppy Pick

74152RWB Red White Blue Popsicle Spray

74212RWB Red White Blue Ball Spray

13556BL Blue Allium Bush

F4206651 White Thistle Spray

30550RWB Red White Blue Gerber Daisy



RGA163127 2.5" USA Ribbon

RGE105427 Bold Stars

RG121224 2.5" Solid Red Ribbon

Our Favorite Tools (affiliate links)

Gorilla Glue Sticks 

8″ Electric Skillet 

Flower Bush Cutter 


Make a base from grapevine twig. Sometimes you can buy this in rolls, or break apart an old grapevine wreath.

The long poppy sprays would also work as a base if the grapevine is not available.

You might have to use some floral wire or zip ties to secure pieces until you get enough of a base to hold other stems with hot glue.

Place the poppy sprays end to end and secure with a couple of zip ties. Decide if you want your topper to be placed evenly on the lantern or off to one side.

Mine was one to one side. Secure the base to the top of the lantern with wire.


Start by adding in your longer florals first for the Patriotic Lantern Topper.

Add to one side and then the other to keep them fairly even. I placed some of the longer blue Penta blossoms but reserved some of the shorter pieces for later.

Use a liberal amount of hot glue to secure Add the larger blooms of the white and red geraniums.

geraniums, penta flowers


Make a 12" bow with the red velvet ribbon and secure it to the topper with wire.

Finish off the ends of the ribbon with a dovetail cut or angled cut. If your ribbon has a pretty backside, it's attractive to roll the edges up loosely.

god bless america, patriotic wreath

Here's a link to another bow tutorial that might be helpful: Easy Hand Tied Bow

Filler Flowers

The Gypsum flowers are not pure white but are close enough. I used the whole bush of the Gypsum filling in. Don't forget to use the rest of the blue flowers too, tucking some around the bow.


This is just a guide, your flowers may be different and your ribbon also.

The number of flowers will depend on the size of your lantern. The lantern I used for the Patriotic Lantern Topper was about 24" in ht. It is a set of two, with the other one being smaller. For the life of me, I can't find it!

We moved a couple of years ago and I know I moved my lanterns myself and not the movers. I'll find it one day and be surprised. It will be like having a new lantern))).

Thank you for visiting our blog and please stay safe!

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