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Single Ribbon Bow Tutorial Using the EZ Bowmaker

Single Ribbon Bow Tutorial Using the EZ Bowmaker

single ribbon bow tutorial with ez bowmaker


Single Ribbon Bow Tutorial 

This bow tutorial was done with scrap ribbon that may no longer be available on the website, so please pay no attention to the style of ribbon)))

This tutorial is just to show you how easy it is to make a pretty bow using wired ribbon and the EZ Bowmaker.


EZ Bowmaker


Any style of 2.5" wired ribbon 


Use the markings on the EZ Bowmaker to make tails the desired length.

Start with the desired length of tail and slide ribbon into the two pegs. Pull the tail toward you to get it out of the way.

Twist the ribbon to get the right side up to make the first loop.

Make a loop 5" and continue to twist to get right side up. Make three loops 5"  in width on each side.

Next make two loops at 4" in width. Two on each side. Make the last loop 4" in width which will be a center loop.

Press the stack of ribbon down as tightly as you can. Ease your fingers under the stack keeping it straight.

Slip a zip tie around the stack (in the center) and start to pull the zip tie from the underneath side. 

Before you pull it tight, slide a chenille stem or floral wire under the zip tie. The chenille stem will be used to secure the bow to your wreath or wherever you are placing it.

Pull the zip tie tight and snip off the ends with wire cutters.

Fluff the bow.

That's it! You're done!

You can make almost any size bow with the EZ Bowmaker and you can use one ribbon, or as many as you like.

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You can make other styles of bows too. It's easy! The EZ Bowmaker. Get yours at Trendy Tree today and shop for ribbon. We have hundreds and hundreds of styles of ribbon to choose from.

Visit our YouTube channel for more bow making tutorials!

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