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2017 Football Floral Door Hanger Tutorial


Football season is here! We decided to start our football season off with a project made for our local Pontotoc High School. When Carrie and Rachel were at market in Atlanta, they found these cute wall buckets. We have them in yellow and red and they make a perfect container for a few florals.


KE8278YE Yellow Wall Bucket

MZ185204 Football Pick – 3

SB78623-049 Cream Carnation Bush

F3702125 RAZ Magnolia Leaf – 3

SB7710-005 Velvet Sunflower Bush

RG1092 1.5″ Football Laces Ribbon

RG01371X6 2.5″ Black White Polka Dot Stripe Ribbon

Note: We did not create a kit with these supplies since there are so many school or college colors to choose from, but


we will leave this tutorial up even after some or all of the above supplies have sold out, since you can follow the basic directions for other products.


KE8278YE Bucket: We chose this  metal flat backed bucket for our container and had a local shop create the “P” for the bucket. The buckets come plain with no letters. We have them in red and yellow.

The bucket was filled with Styrofoam pieces and we were ready to go!

You’ll find the bucket under a new category “Floral Containers” We started to stock more florals this year and that calls for containers for them! You’ll see a huge increase in our floral inventory especially this coming Spring. We really loaded up on spring/summer florals at market in July and those items will start arriving late December or  January.


Cream Carnation Bush: The cream carnation bush really looks more like a mum than carnation and the bush has about 12 blooms on it. We used all the blooms. The blooms were all separated from the bush and placed individually. We didn’t use any hot glue on the stems but you can always do this if you are concerned that your florals might blow out etc.

Rachel started by placing some blooms toward the back, then worked toward the front and sides. If she ran into a stem that needed to be a bit longer, she connected the bloom to a long floral stem with wire and tape to make it taller.

RAZ Magnolia Leaf: Next Rachel added the RAZ Magnolia Leaf Spray. Of course, Magnolia is the state flower for Mississippi and we love Magnolia leaves in anything and everything))

But the RAZ Magnolia leaf pick is a great filler. It measures about 16″ and has nice thick leaves made of EVA. Rachel placed one toward the back and another toward the front. At the end, she added a third one to the back also.

The Magnolia leaves really gave it a fresh look.

Velvet Sunflower Bush: The sunflower bush pieces were added next. All the stems were separated from the bush and placed around as filler between the carnations.

The bush is called sunflower, but I would have described them more as a Lazy Susan because of the size of the blooms. They were a great filler for this floral arrangement and an added plus because the Pontotoc school colors are black and yellow.

The bush has about 10 stems and about 30 blooms in all, so only one bush was needed.

Football Picks: The football picks are new for this year and we have them available in all sorts of school colors. We chose just the plain brown and white for this project.

The football picks are about 24″ in length and these have three footballs. The footballs are flat and about 4-5″ in width. They are also glittered. They are made of a soft like plastic, foam like material and not the crisp thin Styrofoam that is easy to break.

Rachel used three of the football picks (left intact) and placed them around in the arrangement.

Bow: The floral arrangement was finished off with a simple loop made made of two different ribbons – the football laces ribbon which was 1.5″ in width and a polka dot/stripe that was 2.5″

Rachel started the bow by layering the 1.5″ ribbon on top of the 2.5″ and grasp the ribbon (both together) at about 24″. She then made four loops that were about 4″ Cut the ribbon free and left the tails long. She used floral wire to secure the bow and then secured the bow to a long floral pick to insert. The bow was placed off to the side of the container.



Yes! We’re partial to these colors for a special reason))) Maggie is a high school cheerleader this year and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it))) Go Warriors!!






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