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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
tutorial for basic ruffle wreath using deco mesh

Basic Ruffle Wreath using Metallic Deco Mesh

Here's a really easy way to make a basic ruffle wreath using two rolls of 10" x 10 yard metallic Deco Mesh. I had to use a white wreath form which wasn't the best choice to use for red mesh, but it was what was available)))

The tutorial was just to show the ruffle technique. Typically you choose your work form color to match your basic mesh color. 

Wreath Making Tips

Use a work form that has twist ties already attached. It gets you off to a good start. We have many different styles of wreath forms and sizes.

Choose a wreath form that closely matches your primary mesh color. Burlap is a good choice for anything hard to match. You can always hide your twists by turning them to the inside or even snipping them off. And you can go to the trouble of adding a bit of hot glue and holding the mesh together to cover up tips. But most of the time, you would never find this necessary.

Pencil wreath ties are smaller than Work form ties. Work form ties are about the size of an artificial Christmas tree limb. 24" Round forms measure 15" across the widest metal ring. With the addition of mesh, ribbons, signs, florals, etc, you wind up with a wreath that measures 24" in width or greater.

Mesh comes in 10", 10.25" 10.5" and 21" widths. You can use any of the 10" sizes for a ruffle wreath. The 21" mesh is better used as a pouf technique.

Ruffles are up to you! You can put one 30" ruffle in a twist, or two 20" ruffles in a twist. That's my preferred method, but that's just me. I like not having short ends of mesh left over and two 20" ruffles works perfectly to use up all the mesh on two rolls.

Now, you could come up short when you are cutting ruffles, but trust me, it will never be noticeable. If you feel like it is, just place that skimpy ruffle where you intend to place a bow or sign.

Once your basic ruffle wreath is completed, you can choose to add ribbon strips, bows, florals, ornaments or a sign. Embellish as much or as little as you like. Sometimes we tend to cover up that beautiful mesh when all it needs is a big bow!

Thanks for dropping in and don't forget to shop Trendy Tree for all your wreath making supplies. We have you covered!



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