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2017 Halloween Grapevine Wreath Facebook Live 9/29/17


This post is a re-cap of a Facebook Live that Rachel and I did on 9/29/17. We put together this grapevine Halloween wreath and we’ll show you all the products we used. These supplies will not be in a kit.


24″ Round Grapevine Wreath

RE100184 21″ Platinum Silver Deco Poly Mesh

XB99610-20 10″ Black Orange Metallic Mesh

X627740 2.5″ Ivory Black Stripe Ribbon

RH009720 2.5″ Jack O’Lantern Ribbon

RA21295T 1.5″ Faux Dupioni Black Orange Stripe

RG1142 2.5″ Glittered Black Orange Houndstooth Ribbon

131809-21 1.5″ Black Velvet Ribbon

52439BKWT Witch Head

HH1169 Glitter Ghost Spray


Grapevine Wreath: This was a round 24″ grapevine wreath. No two grapevine wreaths will look alike as they are handmade. They are messy and trashy, but can be used over and over.

The first thing Rachel did was to add four chenille stems to half of the wreath. One at the top and bottom and two on the left side.

All the supplies for this wreath came from Trendy Tree, as do all the products we use in our tutorials except for things like floral wire, etc.

She also made a hanger for the back of the wreath using chenille stem. You can also do this with floral wire.

Deco Poly Mesh: We had done a tutorial a couple of days ago and someone was asking what could be done with left over mesh. Here’s your project!

Rachel used two yards of 21″ platinum silver mesh and attached one end to the top chenille stem, leaving 4-6″ on the end and made poufs in the next two chenille stems, finishing off by securing the mesh in the bottom chenille stem, leaving a bit of a tail.

This mesh just made a little bit of a base for the ribbons we were going to add.

To give the wreath a little more color and texture, we added another style of mesh, a 10″ wide foil metallic in orange and black. We cut 2 yards of this and attached it right on top of the platinum silver in the same manner.

Ribbon: Next we made four bows with the ribbons we had chosen. We wanted our bows to be the same, so we used new ribbon for this project, but this is also an excellent way to use up your scrap ribbon.

We made a “scrap” type bow by cutting ribbon strips 24″ in length. We cut four strips from each style of ribbon. We had five styles we were working with.

To make the scrap bow, we started by picking up one of the ribbon strips, and making about a 5″ loop, holding it pinched in my hand, tails even. Then just picked up another ribbon, alternating between 2.5″ and 1.5″ and/or patterns until I had five loops of ribbon. We used a piece of floral wire and wrapped around the loops where they were pinched and twisted the wire tightly.

Then we separated out each tail from the loops, one toward the back and one toward the front, having the right side of the ribbon face up.

Once the back tails were identified, the wire was spread and slipped under the back tails and twisted again.

Julie with Southern Charm Wreaths was the first person that I saw make a bow like this and from what I remember, this was basically it, but do check out her page – she has great tutorials.

We made four bows all the same. It doesn’t matter so much if your tails are not even, but you do want to keep the loops even. You can finish off the tails with an angled or chevron (dovetail) cut.

The bows were secured spaced apart on the left side of the wreath using the chenille stems that were holding the mesh. You could also wire them right into the grapevine wreath too for more security.

Witch: The witch head is so cute! The hat stands up tall, but it doesn’t have any wire, it’s just stuffed pretty full. We attached it to the right lower side of the wreath with floral wire, and also put a bit of wire at the very top of the hat.

If your wire is stiff enough, you can run it through the back of the hat and wire into the grapevine wreath where it won’t show at all.


Ghost Spray: The little ghost were the last thing we added. This was one spray which had three ghost and Rachel just snipped them off with wire cutters and placed three on the left side. For this tutorial since it was Facebook live and we were tying to keep it short, she just stuck them down in the grapevine wreath, but you can do that and attach them with a bit of floral wire or hot glue.

We have some other choices in sprays that would also be cute in this wreath, one with black cats and one with black bats.

Happy Halloween! Be sure and join us on Facebook to see our next live video coming up soon!










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