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2018 Let it Snow Wreath Tutorial


This Let it Snow wreath is a great wreath for Christmas all the way until after the first of the year. It was easy to make and you can do it with the supplies we have provided in a one-click kit.



Supplies used for this wreath:

X751150 24″ White Iridescent Pencil Wreath

MD039014 12″ Tin Let it Snow (somewhere else) Sign

RY850099 10″ Grey Silver Matte Wide Foil Mesh

RY850098 10″ White Silver Matte Wide Foil Mesh

RG01545 2.5″ Black Baby It’s Cold Outside Ribbon

RG87415X 2.5″ Grey Snowman Chenille Edge Ribbon

RG0154814 1.5″ Light Blue Falling Snow Ribbon

RG0168824 1.5″ Red Glitter Ribbon

Some, but not all, of the individual supplies may be listed on the website, but you can by the kit containing the products here (while supplies last).

2018 Let it Snow Wreath Supply Kit

Affiliate Links for Tools:

Self Healing Cutting Mat

60 mm Rotary Cutter

Extra Blades for Cutter



Please note that we will leave the tutorial up, even after some or all the supplies have sold out since you can create a similar wreath using other colors of products etc.


Wreath Form: We used a 24″ white iridescent pencil wreath. You could certainly use other colors. Our 24″ pencil wreaths measure 15″ across the widest ring, but with the addition of mesh, ribbons and other embellishments, you wind up with a wreath that measure 24″ or greater. This wreath measured about 24-26″

Mesh: We used two different colors of mesh. This mesh is the “new” wide foil, but instead of shiny shiny foil, it is a matte foil which is more glossy. We used a silver and a white. It doesn’t take all of the two rolls, but one roll is not enough. The mesh was 10″ in width and 10 yards in length.

Ruffle Technique: The ruffle technique is one of the simplest way to create and wreath and one of the most uniform. Ruffles were cut into 15″ length. There is usually about 18 twists on a wreath, so we needed 18 pieces of each color. We placed two ruffles into each twist. You can alternate the colors, or just do them randomly and if you’re buying individual supplies, you don’t have to use two colors. If I were using just one color of mesh, I could cut the ruffles 30″ in length and place one ruffle in each twist.

For this wreath, I placed two 15″ ruffles in each twist, with the grey on the bottom and the white on the top. I started on the outside, but you can start on the inner ring, it really doesn’t matter just which ever you prefer.

Ribbon: Ribbon and be used in several different ways. We used four styles of ribbon. Two that where 2.5″ in width and two that were 1.5″ All the ribbon was wired. We cut two of the ribbons (reserved the snowman ribbon for a bow) into 13″ lengths. On the 1.5″ ribbon we just cut the ends at an angle. We cut 18 pieces of the red ribbon. We also cut 18 pieces of the light blue snowflake ribbon. Since we wanted more blue in the wreath, we went ahead and cut up the rest of the blue snowflake ribbon into 13″ lengths. It yielded about 10 more pieces.

The 2.5″ black baby it’s cold outside ribbon was cut into 22″ lengths. Since cutting at 22″ lengths, there wasn’t enough to cut 18 pieces. So I cut 9 pieces and planned to apply a bow loop into every other twist.

For this wreath, some twists had a red, two blue ribbons and a black. Others just had a red and blue ribbon. To secure your ribbon strips, fold in half to find your center and pinch it in the center, secure the ribbons in the twist by opening the twist, laying the ribbon cluster on top of the ruffles and re-secure with 3-4 turns of the twist. You don’t necessarily have to open your twist to re-secure, just try each method and see how you like it.

For the 22″ black ribbon, we folded in half, made a 5″ loop and 6″ tails. When the loops were secured in the twist, we made sure to twist the tails so the ribbon would be right side up. We finished off the black ribbon with a chevron cut on the ends.

After we had gone around the wreath with the black ribbon in every other twist, we continued to cut more black pieces and added in here and there. The roll yielded about ten more pieces, so we wound up with almost every twist with some black ribbon.

The grey snowman ribbon was used to make a 14″ bow that we secured to the lower side of the wreath. We used a Bowdabra to make the bow. Please note that in some of the images the ribbon really has a beige look, but it’s light grey. My door is dark brown so that may have contributed to the look, or maybe I’m color blind! But the ribbon is light grey))

Attach the bow using the chenille stem and be careful not to put it in so tight that it gets mushed down into the wreath. If you can secure it to the work wreath frame, secure it down into one of the twists.

If you had rather, you can always use the ribbon to make small or large bows and just put that on your wreath, or lots of other ways. Do measure your ribbon strip and test it before cutting up your ribbon. You don’t want to cut up a roll of ribbon to discover that you wish the ribbons had been longer.

Sign: We cut the burlap string off the sign and inserted chenille stems into the holes in the for corners of the sign. We placed our sign in the middle and you don’t want to squash it down too far into the wreath. You may need to hang the wreath up to be able to attach the sign. Lay it on the wreath and work your fingers in from the back to secure the chenille stems to the work wreath frame. You may want to create a hanger for your wreath before adding the sign so you can be sure to get it straight. Just make a hanger out of chenille stems or zip ties. Get your position the way you want it before you secure the sign. You can always make the back of the wreath look better after you’re done.

Clean Up: You will have some raveling, just clip those string, fluff your ribbons and check the back for anything sharp that might scratch your door.

Happy Wreathing!


*This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links for some of the products we used, that we do not sell on Trendy Tree. They are all products that we have used for years and are very happy with.




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