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patriotic disco ball garland tutorial

Patriotic Disco Ball Garland Tutorial

patriotic disco ball garland diy

Patriotic Disco Ball Garland

If you love disco balls, you'll love this Patriotic disco ball garland. At market this year we saw disco balls in most every showroom in some form or fashion. 

Carrie and Ashleigh pulled together sparkly disco balls, picks and star sprays and put together this garland on a deco mesh base using a work garland. Work garlands are 9 feet in length. 

If you missed the Facebook live a few days ago, you can watch it below.



Patriotic Disco Ball Garland

Individual Products

RE136626 10" Silver Wide Foil Mesh

XB108010-12 10" Red Metallic Mesh with Royal/White Stars

RGA88137T 2.5" Red Blue Silver Large Glitter Metallic Ribbon

RGE1086 2.5" Patriotic Block Ribbon

78301-40-25 2.5" Royal Blue Silver Metallic Chevron Dash Ribbon

XY801461100mm Silver Dent Dot Ornament

XJ520126 100mm Silver Deco Balls Set of 2

74088RWB 18" Red White Blue Glitter Curly Stars Pick

XX761626 Bag of Star Ties

XX752424 Red Pencil Garland

Handy Tools

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Wreath Making Tool Bundle (mat, scissors, rotary cutter, wire cutter)

 Showcase Your Garland

Here are a few ideas for showcasing your garland.

1. Drape the garland along the length of your fireplace mantel to add a patriotic touch to your living room or family room.

2. Wind the garland around your staircase banister to create a striking visual display as you ascend or descend the stairs.

3. Lay the garland down the center of your dining table as a festive centerpiece for a Fourth of July or Memorial Day gathering.

4. Adorn your windowsills with the garland to frame the view from inside your home and add a touch of patriotism to any room.

5. Use the garland to embellish your outdoor living spaces, such as patios or porches, to celebrate national holidays in style.

These ideas show you how to use a patriotic garland in your home decor to celebrate national pride all year round, especially on holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day.

More to Come!

We have created another Patriotic wreath with an exclusive disco ball sign and that kit is available right now. Blog post will be done soon. Plus, we have new Bee Happy wreath kit that we did just yesterday!

We would love to have some input from you. Are the kits helpful? What sort of kits would you like to see more of? 

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