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deco mesh wreaths made with a lemon or lime sign

Citrus Splash! DIY Lemon & Lime Wreaths


Lemons or Limes?

Do you have a favorite? We don't either, we love both)))) Check out these two tutorials for a deco mesh ruffle wreath. We made one with a lime sign and another with the lemon sign. The signs are made of metal and come in assorted styles.

Did you know we have nearly 400 signs to choose from? And more coming in!

You can find the supplies for both these wreaths in kits, or you can order by individual product in case you want to shake things up a bit)) Make your own as to say. Lets start with the lime wreath first.

Lime Deco Mesh Wreath


deco mesh wreath with embossed lime sign



Trendy Tree Lime Mesh Wreath Kit

Individual Products

MD071436 12"H X 9.5"W Embossed Watercolor Lime Lime Green 

RE130229 10" Yellow Deco Poly Mesh 

XB240410-09 10"X10Y Lime-Fuchsia-Yellow Wide Weave Mesh

42424-40-09 2.5"X10Y Yellow-Lime-White Kentini Plaid Ribbon 

RX9143X7 2.5" Yellow White Large Multi Dot Ribbon 

41334-09-09 1.5"X10Y White Satin/Lemons-Limes Ribbon 

RX9148TN 1.5" Fuchsia White Horizontal Stripe Ribbon 

XX750437 24" Lime Green Pencil Wreath 

Watch the Video (Replay of FB Live)

Next Up - Lemon Wreath

 deco mesh wreath with embossed lemon sign




Lemon Welcome Wreath Kit 

Individual Products

XX750437 - Lime Pencil Wreath

MD072129 - Lemon Welcome Sign

RY8319B3 - 2 rolls of Lime/Yellow Stripe Mesh

42419-09-21 - 1.5" Black and White Microdot Ribbon

RGA1853RY - 2.5" Lemon Ribbon

RGA193529 - 2.5" Yellow and White Polka Dot Ribbon

RX9148x6 - 1.5" Black and White Stripe Ribbon

 Watch the Video



Remember you can always purchase supplies by the kit (while they last) or as individual products. Feel free to change mesh color, ribbon style, or even a different sign. There are many signs available that fit with these color themes.

Stay tuned for more projects ahead!

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