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Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath with Gnome Sign

Patriotic Gnome Wreath

patriotic gome wreath, deco mesh ruffle tutorial

Patriotic Gnome Wreath

I love how this Patriotic gnome wreath turned out! It's made with beautiful mesh that has red, white, and blue drift on the edge. You could make this wreath without or without the ribbon strips and it would still be pretty)))

The sign is an exclusive Trendy Tree sign designed by Taalor. If you're not familiar with our signs, do check them out! Ashleigh and Taalor are so creative! Any of the signs that have TT in the SKU will be their exclusive designs. 

We did the wreath tutorial as a Facebook live and if you missed it, you can watch the replay below. 



Patriotic Gnome Wreath Kit

Individual Products

XX748827 White Work Wreath 

RY8116Y9 Red Border Mesh - 2 rolls

TT-111 Patriotic Gnome Sign 

RG121125 Royal Blue Ribbon 

46404-40-04 Light Blue and White Stripes with Stars  

42403-40-25 Red, Blue, White Stripe 

RGE1234A1 Red, White, Blue Tye Dye 


Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Wreath Making Tool Bundle (mat, scissors, rotary cutter, wire cutter)


Cut pieces of mesh 20″ in length. You should have enough to cut 36 from the two rolls of mesh. If you come up a little short on the last pieces, it won’t show.

Make ruffles for the Patriotic gnome wreath by rolling the cut ends of the mesh in a bit, and scrunch up through the middle. Place two ruffles in each twist. It doesn’t matter if you start on the outer or inner ring. If you pull a twist off (like I did) just wrap it around the wire frame and the remaining twist and continue on. It will be a little shorter, but won’t show.

Add ribbon strips or leave them off. Cut ribbon in 13" lengths and cluster in any manner you choose. I like to untwist the ties, lay the ribbon custer down on top of the ruffles and re-twist with two or three turns. Finish off the ends of your ribbon with an angled or dove-tail cut.

Attach the sign with chenille stems. Or you can add cable mounts with glue. I need to get some!

Make a bow your favorite way. Carrie used the EZ Bowmaker.

Make a hanger for the wreath using chenille stems, floral wire, or zip ties. Check the back to make sure nothing sharp is sticking out that would scratch your door. Snip any frays. Avoid pulling them. All mesh ravels, but rolling the edges helps reduce fraying in a ruffle wreath.

 Stay Tuned!

More wreath kits and tutorials on the way! Carrie and Ashleigh did a grapevine wreath with florals and butterflies a few days ago. That tutorial is coming up next!

grapevine butterfly wreath


Plus new Trendy Tree exclusive signs. By the way, I just counted....97 exclusive Trendy Tree signs!

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