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Let it Snow Wreath Tutorial with Round Snowman Sign

let it snow snowman wreath tutorial ruffle technique

Updated Nov 2021

Edit Facebook Live 10/12/17.

Items for this project were included in a kit which has already sold out, but, we'll leave the instructions up since other products can be chosen and basic instruction followed for a wreath with a similar look.

Watch the edited Facebook live below.

Supply Kit Contains: (Sold out)

Wreath Form

24" Work Wreath or Pencil Wreath - You could use white, silver, red or black.


AP0123 Snowman Metal Sign 

Deco Mesh

XB94610-01 10" Snowball Iridescent Poly Mesh - 2 Rolls 

(If the above mesh is sold out, you can use any other style of 10" white mesh, or a combination of two different styles - a few recommendations are listed below.)

RE550227 10" White Snow Mesh

RY840127 10" White Tinsel Foil Mesh

RY850598 10.5" White Silver Tinsel Border Mesh

RY8505F6 10.5" White Black Tinsel Border Mesh

RY8325F6 10.25" White Faux Jute Black Border Mesh


The ribbon we used on this tutorial are now sold out, but you can choose other styles. We typically about 4 rolls of ribbon on a wreath - two rolls of 2.5" and two rolls of 1.5" On this particular wreath we had three rolls of 2.5" and one of 1.5" 

It really doesn't matter, just pick out patterns that you like and if you use 1.5" ribbon, layer it on top of your 2.5" ribbon strips.

Here are a few suggestions:

RG0838287 2.5" Black Silver Snowflake Ribbon

RGA8336 2.5" White Candy Cane Ribbon

8113-09-12 1.5" Red Holographic Diamond Ribbon

RGA805924 2.5" Red Ice Skate Snowdrift Edge Ribbon

RM990326 1.5" Silver Metallic Ribbon

We have so many ribbons to choose from, just browse Christmas Ribbon.

Summary - Wreath: We chose a 24" white pencil wreath for this project, but you could use other colors - iridescent white, red, black or silver.

Our 24" pencil (and work wreaths) measure 15" across the widest ring, but with the addition of mesh and other products you wind up with a finished wreath that measures 24" or greater.

You could also use a regular work wreath for this project, just stay with a 24"

Mesh: We chose two rolls of snowball mesh. This has been a very popular product and we've been selling it for several years now. It has iridescent foil and little white puffs.

The mesh was 10" in width and 10 yards in length. One roll isn't enough, but it doesn't take all of two rolls so you'll have a bit left over.

We used the "ruffle" technique for this wreath because it's one of the easiest for beginners. The mesh was cut into 30" lengths. One length was used for one ruffle. We watched Lori with Hard Working Mom a few weeks ago and she had made her ruffles 30" in length to help reduce the raveling.

All mesh ravels for sure! But this does help. The fewer cuts you can make in your mesh and the less you handle it will help. 

Spread the 30" piece of mesh out, working from the top side of the roll (cut edges will want to roll under) starting at the cut edge, scrunch up through the middle of the mesh and pinch it up tightly. It will look like a bow tie sort of.

Open up a twist on the wreath and secure the ruffle with a couple of turns. We started on the outside of our wreath.

You only need to secure with a couple of turns right now, because you'll be opening that up later, to add a ribbon cluster.

Continue working around the outer ring and then move to the inner ring, same size ruffle and one in each twist.


It will help if you go ahead and put a chenille strip on the back as a hanger. This will help you keep up with your center point when finding the position for your sign.

Ribbon: Ribbon can be added in several different ways. You can make strips, loops, small bows. Just choose which method you like the best.

Ribbon strips is also one of the easiest methods to do. We chose four ribbons for this project. Some were 2.5" in width and some 1.5". All the ribbons were on 10 yard rolls.

It's always good to do a test ribbon before you starting cutting up your ribbon.

We settled on 11" strips for this project.

Ribbon is just a matter of preference. You might rather have no ribbon and use a bow or a couple of bows. Again, strips are just an easy way, especially for beginners.

There are 18 twists, typically, on our 24" wreaths. So we cut 18 pieces of each ribbon.

We angled the ends of the ribbons. Sometimes on the 2.5" ribbons we cut the ends with a dovetail or chevron cut and we'll show you how to do that in the video, but for our project this time, we just angled all the ribbons.

Ribbon tips will curl up and the stiffer or thicker ribbon you have will help.

We took one of the each four ribbons and just alternated when picking them up. No particular pattern, but did try to alternate them a bit.

Pinch the ribbon in the center and pick up another strip. Sort of spread them out in your hand so they are not stacked right on top of each other.

Open up a twist on the wreath, making sure the ruffle stays in place, lay the ribbon cluster down and re-secure the tie now with three to four turns.

Place a ribbon cluster in each twist around the wreath. Again, this is a matter of preference. You might be applying a sign and might want to leave ribbon off that would be under the sign and not seen anyway, so just experiment.

Sign: The snowman sign is 12" in diameter and come with a wire hanger. We folded the wire hanger to the back, but you could cut if off if you wanted to.

We used the two holes from the hanger to insert long pieces of floral wire. We also needed a hole at the bottom, but right now didn't have anything at the shop to make a hole with! I had tried previously with a nail and hammer, but that didn't work.

They make a sheet metal hole punch and we have to get one! I haven't gotten one of these yet, but I've been assured that it's a great tool and this was from someone who works with sheet metal signs everyday.    

We took a very small Command hook and secured it to the bottom of the sign and used that to attach a piece of floral wire.

You may want to hang the wreath on the wall and decide on your placement.

Position the sign to where it's not pulled in too deeply into the wreath. Secure the wires to the wreath frame. It needs to sort of sit on the ruffles. Lift out ribbons here and there and you may have to push some ruffles out of the way and to the back of the wreath so you can see the wording on the sign well.

let it snow wrath


When you're all done, be sure to clip all your strings and check the back of your wreath for anything sharp that might scratch your wall or door.

The overall diameter of the wreath was about 27" or so.

Thank you for visiting our blog and if you have any questions, just leave us a note: Trendy Tree Blog

Remember that you can follow these basic directions for most any style of wreath and just choose different colors of wreath forms, mesh, signs and ribbon.


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