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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Retro Bus Wreath Tutorial

Retro Bus Wreath Tutorial

Retro Hippie Bus Style Wreath Tutorial


The Retro Bus wreath tutorial was a collaboration between 39 County Home and Trendy Tree. Turned out to be a great idea!

39 County Home Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders, 39 County Home, did a Facebook live on the Trendy Tree page on 5/4/21. We have downloaded this tutorial and have it available for you to view on YouTube.


retro hippie bus wreath tutorial

(Please note that some of the supplies Nick used have already sold out and more may be gone by the time you view this video, but you can still follow his basic instructions and pick out similar supplies to make your own unique wreath.)

XX748869 Sky Blue 24" Work Wreath (you could use a pencil style or other color, just stay within the 24" size wreath)

AP8793 Retro Bus

RY8319J7 10.5" Orange White Striped Faux Jute Mesh

RE130227 10" White Deco Mesh

RE130202 10" Black Deco Mesh

RE1382NJ 10" Aqua Deco Mesh

RG121214 2.5" Light Blue 

RX9143KJ 2.5" Orange White Polka Dot

RX91415W 1.5" Orange White Horizontal Stripe

RG0183703 1.5" Blue Jelly Ribbon

RX9148X6 1.5" Black White Horizontal Stripe

Basic Instructions

1. Cut 20" lengths of orange/white mesh. Place a ruffle in each twist. Roll edges of mesh under first, then ruffle and secure in twist.

2. Cut 12" pieces of white, black, aqua mesh and place a couple of random color curls in each twist on top of the basic mesh.

3. Cut 2.5" ribbon strips 13" in length

4. Cut 1.5" ribbon strips 12" in length

5. Place a 12" strip on top of a 13" strip, pinch together and secure in twist. There are usually 18 twists on a wreath, place a ribbon cluster in each twist, alternate styles. Nick placed the blue jelly ribbon on top of the orange polka dot, and the orange striped ribbon on top of the 2.5" blue ribbon.

*It will not take all your ribbon, so don't cut too many ribbon strips to start with!

6. Attach the sign. Place staples in the sign and attach chenille stems. Be careful not to staple through the thickness of the sign. Attach sign to metal rings of the wreath form with the chenille stems. Nick attached the sign to the right upper area of the wreath.

7. Make two identical bows. Nick used a Bowdabra, but you can use an EZ bowmaker or free-hand bow. 

8. Attach the two bows opposite the sign on the left side.

retro bus wreath tutorial

Remember, you can always choose other colors or styles of ribbon or mesh - even the sign!

We have other cute Retro Bus products too!!

AP8791 Enjoy the Ride Retro Bus

AP7029 Merry Christmas Vintage Bus

RGA164209 2.5" Vintage Retro Bus Ribbon

Thanks again to Nick Sanders, 39 County Home, for this fantastic collaboration. We look forward to more collabs in the future!

Be sure to drop by Nick's Facebook Page and say hello: 39 County Home

And check out his Etsy Shop! 39CountyHome




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