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Sunflower Wreath


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Want to make a sunflower wreath? We have the supplies you need to make this stunning sunflower wreath…or a flower wreath in any other color!

This was my first attempt at making a sunflower wreath using the Unique in the Creek Flower Form so to start with we chose the least expensive mesh we sell on Trendy Tree. The plain Deco Poly Mesh with no foil. It’s made of all Polypropylene, and even without foil, it has a really beautiful shine, especially the emerald color.

Supplies Used:

Flower Form – 1

RE130048– Gold Gold Two Tone Deco Poly Mesh – 2 Rolls (temporarily out of stock but here’s some suggestions – XB97910-22-daffodil; XB97910-09-lime; RR800129-yellow – this is paper mesh and must be kept out of the weather; RR800133 lime paper mesh.)

RE130206  – Emerald Deco Poly Mesh – 1 (optional and you can also use any color green – RE1382NK -lime-green; XB97910-09-lime; RP810033-lime;

Other supplies used: Brown Felt, 4.5″ Styrofoam Disk, zip ties, hot glue.

Insert Video here (please check back later, still being edited)


Petals: There are 8 holes on the outer rim (row 1) Two petals “leaves” were secured in each hole. The petals were cut 10″ in length. Emerald mesh was used for “leaves” on row one. You can leave these of if you wish or use any color of green.

The petals for rows 2, 3, and 4 were done the same way. Mesh was cut in 10″ lengths and two petals used for each hole. It helps if you go ahead and place the zip ties in the holes before you start. Just barely secure the zip ties so you can slip the ends of the two petals underneath before you tighten. Snip off the end of the zip tie with wire cutters. It took almost all of the two rolls of yellow to complete the wreath.

Center: Brown felt was used for the center. Other options for the center can be found on YouTube. Just search Unique in the Creek and Laurie has many videos to watch and they include different options for centers.

The brown felt center was made using felt purchased from Walmart. You can use the 9″ x 12″ single pieces (4). WalMart didn’t have dark brown the day I shopped, so I purchased a 4″ strip off a bolt of brown felt. It was 72″ in width.

The 72″ piece was cut down the middle lengthwise giving me two strips of 2″ wide felt, both 72″ in length. Wasn’t sure how much it would take, but this turned out to be just the right amount. If you are using the 9″ x 12″ pieces just cut them into four equal pieces.

Using hot glue, fold the edges of the felt together lengthwise.  Once the edges have cooled, make a cut in the folded side. Space the cuts about 1/2 apart and cut to about 1/4 from the sealed edge. Making a sort of fringe. Using hot glue, roll the felt up gluing as you go, making a rosette. The rosette needs to be about 5″ in diameter when finished.

The Styrofoam disk can be hot glued to the center of the board by adding hot glue to the ends of the last row of petals. Hold that in place for a few seconds. Next, hot glue the felt rosette to the Styrofoam. The Styrofoam just lifts the center up a bit and makes it stand out more.

The Styrofoam disk was purchased at Dollar Tree and was two pieces for a dollar. Click the image for the affiliate link.

styrofoam round, styrofoam disk, craft foam, floral foam,


We experimented with an alternate center using the extra Styrofoam disk and some green Spanish Moss. We’ll do more of a tutorial on this center a little later, but it was basically Spanish moss hot glued to the Styrofoam.

sunflower wreath, flower center, spanish moss,


Flower Centers: When we can keep them in stock, we also have flower centers that you can use. Here’s a link: Flower Centers

There are two holes on the form were you can place a zip tie as a hanger. You could also use a chenille stem, floral wire, ets.

Clip any strings rather than pull. All mesh unravels a bit and  you’ll have to clip strings.

This wreath measured about 27″ when complete. The technique could be used to make all sorts of spring, summer or fall flowers. Just pick out your favorite color of mesh!

Other mesh products that work really well for this project are the Poly Burlap styles and Fabric Mesh.

Here’s the link to our Top Ten DIY Crafting Tools

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  1. Bev Boyd says:

    The tutorial helped me tremendously and I can’t wait to get started on one of my own.

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