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Top Ten DIY Crafting Tools


top ten diy crafting tools, crafting tools, diy tools, glue gun, rotary cutte,r wire cutter, electric skillet

We’re always asked about the tools we use so we’ve made you a list of our top ten crafting tools! Okay, there is more than ten…..but they are so handy!

(This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them we may earn a small commission. The commission is paid by the seller as a form of advertising, and creates no additional cost to you.)


The rotary cutting stick making cutting mesh a breeze. You can cut through 2-3 layers at a time. It’s super sharp and has a protective covering when not in use. Blades can easily be changed out. This would probably be number on our list of top ten DIY crafting tools. We couldn’t manage without this cutter.

Replacement blades for the 60 mm cutter. They are changed out very easy, but they very sharp. Be careful!



A self-healing cutting mats serves several purposes. It protect your table top, has measurements on it making your cutting easier. It’s also two sided. It’s self-healing so the cutting marks heal over. We’ve been using our mats for years. They do have a it of a plastic odor when you first get them, but this goes away. And if you receive one rolled up for shipping, no fear. Just lay it out and it will flatten out. The cutting mat also would be high on our list of top ten DIY crafting tools.

This kit is not something we have, but it sure would have been helpful if we had known about it earlier on! It contains an 18″ x 24″ medium size self-healing cutting mat, 45 mm cutter and a see through measuring guide. Great for beginners. Or anyone!

This mat is just like the one above, only a bit smaller. Sometimes you just need a smaller area to work on, especially if you are sitting while you work.

steel picks, steelpix, stemming machine, floral pick machine, top ten diy crafting tools, crafing tooks, diy tools

Steelpix Machine Don’t forget to use their 40% off coupon!

The Steelpix machine is used to attach steel picks to the ends of artificial flower stems. It’s much quicker than using floral wood picks. Use a bit of hot glue on the steel pick and insert your floral into Styrofoam. Adding a steel pick to the end of your stem provides strength for insertion and extra length when needed. The picks are sold separately and the 2 1/8″ is the most common size.

top ten diy crafting tools, crafing tooks, diy tools

Steel PIcks for Stemming Machine 2 1/8″



Wire cutters – you gotta have em! You’ll run through numerous pairs of scissors if you don’t get some wire cutters to keep handy. Use for sipping ends of zip ties and cutting small wires.  You can use them to cut small flower stems, but use a heavy duty cutter for larger stems.

Long nose, or needle nose pliers are handy when you need to reach to pull something through or pinch together a clamp.


A steel awl – pronounced “all.” Sometimes you’ll hear us call it an “owl.” It’s helpful when you need to punch an opening into something like Styrofoam. You might want to punch a hole first, and then insert a stem. It can be used for punching a hole through fabric, etc.

Well, a hot glue gun sort of speaks for itself. Bypass the mini guns, you need more than that. Get a gun that has multiple temps like this one which has a high and low. It uses the larger glue sticks also. They come in 4″ and 8″ lengths. Get the 8″ or you’ll be changing sticks too frequently. This one is electric.

Gorilla glue….it’s good. Nothing else needs to be said.

A small electric skillet for melting glue works better than a crafting “glue pot” which is usually much smaller. This 8″ skillet is just the right size. Just use your regular glue sticks. Operate it on low and when you’re done, just cool and cover. Reheat for the next project. Don’t be switching it back and forth to the kitchen. It’s too dangerous to try to clean out the hot glue and you’ll waste a lot of glue. Designate it to your craft table and don’t let anyone else touch it! Even if it is the perfect size for grill cheese)))


These measuring boards come in very handy when you’re cutting ribbon strips. This one includes a set of two boards that allows you to cut !0″ 12″ 13″ 14″ ribbon strips. The are made of MDF.

By the way, here’s a link to a recent blog post we did about unboxing a Steelpix machine and using the Easy Flower cutter.

These are just a few of the things we use, it’s not all. But we’ll keep adding to this list of top ten DIY crafting tools for wreath making and crafting!