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Basic Christmas Wreath Kit




Here’s a new Basic Christmas Wreath Kit we have put together for you. It’s easy to make, does take some time, but it’s the perfect project to get your Christmas decorating started.

The tabletop easel in the image is available at Amazon. We added a screw to the front to hold the wreath. We’ve included our affiliate link if interested.

Basic Christmas Wreath Kit is sold out – tutorial is left up since other materials can be substituted and instructions used to create a similar wreath.

14″ Box Wire Wreath

3 Rolls of 1.5″ x 30 yard Deco Flex Ribbon – Red, White/Silver; Emerald/Lime

3 Bags of 20 yard Tinsel Tubing – Red, Lime Green, Emerald Green/Red


The other items you will need to make your wreath are scissors, small zip ties, wire cutters and something to measure with.

The first step is to cut your ribbon strips and tubing strips 20″ in length. Both the Deco Flex Ribbon and Tinsel Tubing are very stretchy, so take care not to stretch when you measure.


Sorry, the emerald/lime ribbon was cut off in the photo


I mentioned in the video that you might want to cut all your strips before starting the wreath, but it didn’t take all of the ribbon or tubing, so just cut enough to do a few clusters and then cut more.


Since there will be more yardage in the flex ribbon than in the tinsel tubing, the clusters here were made up of all three colors of the flex ribbon and just one piece of flex tubing. On the next cluster we put another three ribbon together and two pieces of tinsel tubing and just continued to alternate.

In hindsight, since we did have tinsel tubing left over, we could have use more in each cluster so you might want to do that.

Take a piece of flex ribbon and fold the cut ends, overlapping about 0.5 to 1 inch and hold pinched in the center. Continue to add the other color ribbons and your tubing. Take a small zip tie (we used 4″ ties) and secure the cluster. Snip off the tail of the zip tie with wire cutters.



You can make several clusters and attach when you get several done, or attach to your wreath frame as you go. We started on the outer layer on the box wire wreath form.



This 14″ box wire wreath form has four metal rings. We attached our cluster of ribbon to the third metal ring and left the last ring open.


Secure the ribbon cluster to the wreath form with another zip tie. Don’t put it on so tight that you can’t slide the cluster around, you’ll need to be able to move it a little. Snip off the end of the zip tie from the back of the wreath form.

It’s easier to secure the ties if you flip the wreath over and secure from the back.

We added five ribbon clusters in each section, around the wreath. A section is the space between the straight bars.


This is our wreath after we had added five ribbon clusters to each section. Now we’re ready to move on to the inner ring.

We added ribbon clusters to the first metal ring on the inside of the wreath. Two ribbon clusters were added to each section.

If any any point a strip of ribbon pops out, and it may, just re-secure it with a zip tie or snip it off. If you haven’t overlapped the edges enough, you might see a piece slip out every know and then. This ribbon and tubing is very springy and if you don’t hold it tightly it will pop out of your hands.

After all your clusters have been attached, snip off all the ends of the zip ties. Make sure that the cut edges of the zip ties are all turned to the inside of the wreath so they don’t scratch your door. You can make a hanger for the wreath by using a long zip tie or put two together if necessary to make a loop hanger.

You wreath is ready for embellishment! You can add ornaments, a big wreath bow or other items if you wish.