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Yellow Paper Flower Tutorial


Update: 4/28/15 Click here for an updated version of the Sunflower Wreath with Paper Burlap Center. Includes Video.


Yellow Paper Flower Tutorial

Yellow Paper Flower Tutorial

4/23/15 Update – This blog post has gone viral! Ocean 100 posted this link a couple of days ago and as of today it has about 250,000 shares and 82,000 likes….amazing! The image that was included in the link was a wreath made by Nicole D Creations. Here is her image.


Nicole sells her creations on her Facebook page and her Etsy Shop. She is happy to design stunning wreaths for you. We have received many, many questions about how Nicole created the center for this wreath and she has very graciously agreed to share some instruction on this.

Many thanks to Ocean 100 who did the original post on Facebook and to Nicole D Creations for sharing her image))

4/24/15 Update Nicole shared with us how she made the center of her wreath.  She placed a round plastic mesh piece (that you get at craft stores that people use for yarn crafts) and attached it to the center of the wreath, attaching to the straight posts of the wreath form. This was the base for attaching the paper mesh in the center.

nicole-d-creations-backShe used 10″ paper mesh and scrunched it together with a chenille stem at the end (cut the stems in half). Pick a place to attach the paper mesh to the plastic mesh, thread the chenille stem through and twist from the underneath side.

Move down the piece of paper mesh 5-6″ and attach another piece of chenille stem (placing the chenille stem over the paper in a staple like fashion, and attach from the underneath side.

Keep working around the center, meandering around to get the flow that you want. Finish off by cutting your mesh and securing that end with a chenille stem.

She used a little hot glue and pulled the paper mesh over the tops of the chenille stems to hide them, without losing the pouf. Also a little hot glue to make the poufs stick down here an there.

We hope to have a new video for you this weekend with this instruction. But sure to subscribe to our videos (link at the bottom of the page) so you won’t miss this!



This tutorial can also be done using 10″ poly mesh.

Supply List – some may be sold out – other colors can be used in all the products

PMT11555 Yellow Paper Mesh 10″ x 5 yards – 2 Rolls (This product is sold out but other 10″ paper mesh can be used.)

RR800129 Yellow Paper Mesh 10″ x 10 yards can be used

RE130150 Lime Green Metallic Foil Deco Poly Mesh 10″ x 10 Yards – 1 roll (other colors can be used)

XX167829 Yellow Pencil Wreath 10″ (other colors can be used)

RE354102 Black Tinsel Flex Tubing  (other colors can be used)

RD1058FF Chocolate Velvet Wired Roping (this product is sold out but other roping can be used)

Watch the video!


Let’s get started:

Prepare 10″ Pencil Wreath

Most any color 10″ Pencil Wreath will work for this project since the twists really don’t show. A color that matches your paper mesh would be the most practical thought, so in this tutorial we recommend a Yellow Wreath. But in the tutorial, we used a Burlap Wreath that we had on hand that had been used before. We just smoothed out the twists and used it again. You can see, that it did not show, so don’t be afraid to use a white, cream, gold, etc.


A crossbar using chenille stems was placed across the center opening since we will need to fill the center in with a few more petals.


Cross Bar made from chenille stems

As you can see in the above image, our wreath has been used several times before, but still works fine for this project.

5/14/15 Update Here’s a tip from Linda Matthews for the center of your 10″ Wreath. Instead of using chenille stems to make that crossbar to attach more petals to, she takes the twists from the inner ring, after she has attached her petals, and pulls the tips of those twists toward the center, and secures the tips of the twists together. This makes an excellent way attach more petals to fill in the center along with what ever product you are going to use to fill the center in with. Here are her images. You can see more of Linda’s great ideas and creations on her Facebook page. Drop by and visit! Thank you so much Linda for sharing this great tip!



Cut Paper and Poly Mesh

The Yellow Paper Mesh was cut into 10″ strips. These rolls only contain 5 yards, so we had to use two rolls, but did have some left over. Please note that some paper mesh comes in 5 yard lengths and others are 10 yard. You can create this wreath with 10 yards, but you will need two of the 5-yard rolls))


We use a 24″ x 36″ self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)


Cut Paper Mesh into 10″ strips


The Lime Green Deco Poly Mesh was cut into strips measuring anywhere from 17″ to 20″ in length. The Lime Green was used for the outside petals and we just made them in varying lengths so they wouldn’t all be exactly alike.

Create Outside Leaves

Taking a strip of the Lime Green Deco P0ly Mesh and pull gently on the diagonal from opposing corners.


Pull gently diagonally



Roll to center



Pinch in the center

Lay this roll into one of the twists on the outside of the Pencil Wreath. Push the ends of the leaf toward the outside making a “V”


The mesh won’t hold very well into this position right now, but will be better as you add in more leaves. Products other than Deco Poly Mesh such as the Paper Mesh will hold this “V” better.

Continue placing your leaves around the outside ring of the wreath. We only did one layer of leaves, but you can do two if you want them to show more.

Create Yellow Petals

Place the 10″ strips of Yellow Paper Mesh flat and one two corners to the center. Do not pull the paper mesh on the diagonal.


Pull corners to center

Then just pinch up the center making your petal.


Hold the petal pinched in you hand, open one of the twists holding your green mesh and lay the pinched up petal right on top of the green mesh, re-secure the twist with a couple of turns.


Continue working around the outer ring of the Pencil Wreath. We did two layers of yellow petals on the outer ring, so you can do them both at one time, or work around the wreath once, then repeat.

After you have complete the petals on the outer ring, move to the inner ring and do two layers of petals.


When you have completed two layers of petals on the inner ring, your opening will still be fairly large.

This is why we added the cross bar with chenille stems. We needed a place to be able to attach a few more petals to make the center opening smaller.

To fill in this center, just make another petal and use a chenille stem to attach it directly to the cross bar.


To attach these extra petals, place the chenille stem on top of the petal and twist a couple of times from the bottom. Then just place the tips of the chenille stems down over the cross bar and attach from underneath so your twists won’t show.

Place at least 4 petals around the cross bar. You can always add more later if you have a gap or anything.


Now we’ve made our center opening much smaller.

Fill the Center – You can fill the center of the wreath with different products. We have used Ball Twists, but have had difficulty keeping the black ones in stock so you might another color. It just depends on the look you want. You can bunch up mesh or make small clusters of mesh ruffles for a center, use the head of a big flower spray, use small ball ornaments, cover a piece of round cardboard with fabric or mesh.

You could also slice a 4″ Styrofoam ornament ball in half and hot glue it to the center, or attach with floral wire.

For our wreath, we chose to make a pom pom out of a new product – Tinsel Flex Tubing.


Tinsel Flex Tubing is similar to regular Deco Flex Tubing, but has a hairy like texture to it. It’s available in many colors and color combinations. You could also use Jute Tubing, Faux Jute or Deco Flex Tubing.


We made a pom pom using about 5 yards of the Black Tinsel Flex Tubing and attached it to the center of the cross bar with a chenille stem.

Attach Roping – We used Chocolate Velvet Wired Roping to add some texture to the flower and just cut assorted lengths to make some tendrils extending from the flower. You could use the brown, black, moss or lime green in this product. This product is sold out and no longer available, but we have a Brown Jute Roping and other colors of velvet and jute roping, just browse this roping category.


Just cut the pieces and attach directly to the Pencil Wreath frame.


To make the roping curl, we just wound it around a cardboard tube. To cover up the raw ends where you cut the roping (the velvet will slip off the wire) just coil the end up a bit until you have the raw end knotted up well.


This is our flower wreath all finished and ready to hang…….we did add a couple of strips of longer mesh as a tail. Just cut two pieces of different lengths and pinch in the center, attach to the Pencil Work Wreath frame using a zip tie. Once you hang it, you might want to make an angled cut on the strips depending on how they hang.


I like the way the center turned out using the Tinsel Flex Tubing. The tubing comes 20 yards to a bag, so you could get several centers out of each bag.


Another question we get quite frequently is can the flower be made with regular Deco Poly Mesh. Yes it can! Deco Poly Mesh is a little stiffer to work with and you may have to add an extra layer for good coverage, but it works)))








73 Responses to “Yellow Paper Flower Tutorial”

  1. Sally says:

    Very inspirational and beautiful. Thank you for the instructions.

  2. Kyndal Smith says:

    I want to make this flower, but I want to make it as a white daisy with a yellow center. I would like to use small clusters of mesh ruffles for a center. Can you tell me how to do that and how much mesh I would need.

  3. Jynx0854 says:

    Oh this looks so fun! I’m gonna try to make one this next wkend!

  4. sheilabee says:

    I am going to try one in pink and green for spring! Off to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to find the stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. Elizabeth Akers says:

    How do you keep the poly mesh from unraveling after cutting?

    • JeanniePence says:

      There isn’t a way to keep mesh products from raveling that I’m aware of, but it does help to keep the cuts to a minimum and handle as little as possible. For instance, in making the 10″ ruffles or petals, we don’t recommend splitting a 21″ product, but use the 10″ width product instead.

    • Cheryl Bateman Wyatt says:

      Possibly with a lighter at the very tips as you do in sealing ribbon? Worth a try maybe..Good luck

  6. Is that just a regular wreath wire? Its looks more spaced out than the ones I have bought, is there a way to space it out?

  7. wiLDaBoUtCoLoR says:

    These wreaths are outstanding! I know I could make them myself. It’s just to find all the materials. I’d want them to be able to hang outside on the door in full sun in the afternoon, so I don’t know what would be best. What would you suggest? I like the brighter colors as well.

    • JeanniePence says:

      Any product whether it be paper or poly which is made of plastic will fade after some time, so you might want to go with a lighter color product.

  8. Debbie Snyder says:

    Hi Jeannie..I saw instructions for Nicole’s center above and had a question….do you think she omitted the extra center step you did in your video using the pipe cleaners to make your center a little smaller and stopped with her petals after the inner row was completed? Also, was her center done in 10×10 squares or smaller?

    • JeanniePence says:

      The instructions are just a general way to do the paper mesh center, whether you use chenille stems to secure the mesh or zip ties. Sizing will depend on the wreath that you’re working with along with the product, there is no exact science))) I did find, that you may want to PRACTICE using some scrap product to get the look that you want and the sizing you need. I did one wreath and cut my circle 7″ and found it was a little too big, so I made a smaller one for the mesh paper. But, then I also found when I covered my plastic with a different product for another wreath, I need the little bit larger size again because the product I had covered it with didn’t flow over the sides as much. So, just practice, practice, practice until you get the look you want))

  9. Dani Rae says:

    Why is the picture I posted not there?

    • JeanniePence says:

      Sorry Dani, our Blog is attached to our business site and we have to limit the images we use due to bandwidth and storage space. We only use images that we upload for business purposes. You’re welcome to send it to us on our Facebook page.

  10. Dani Rae says:

    My version ~ but trying next with paper mesh instead of deco mesh

  11. Kathy says:

    How far apart or how many twist ties go on each ring of the frame? I cannot find the frame with it already on there and I have some wire frames already. Thanks in advance!

  12. CindyBayers says:

    Hi, I am unable to find 10″ yellow deco mesh anywhere! Can this project be done with 5.5″ deco mesh instead?

  13. Janet says:

    Yes I actually like the one on your home page. It has a burlap looking center. Do you also have the instruction for that one. Is that the sunflower tutorial?

    • JeanniePence says:

      The wreath that went viral was made by Nicole D Creations and she is going to share with us how to make that center. When we does we will get the post updated for everyone.

  14. JeanniePence says:

    We’ll be update the post with the instructions on the burlap center that Nicole D Creations has so graciously said she would share with us. She has a Facebook page and Etsy Shop. Just check back in a few days for updates.

    • pennyfp says:

      Omg….. how frustrating! And you have so pleasantly and politely answered every time. “Folks, are any of you reading the part of the post where she says SOMEONE WILL SHARE THAT PART OF THE TUTORIAL LATER” !!!!!!! Good golly. It makes y’all sound like a bunch of first graders.

      • JeanniePence says:

        lol….Sorry….thank you for making me laugh this morning. Ever since the post went viral seems like all I’ve done is answer emails, inquiries, phone….haven’t had a chance to get any new products listed….it’s been an experience)))

  15. JeanniePence says:

    The image of the wreath that went viral was created by Nicole D
    Creations. She has an Etsy shop and Facebook page. She is going to let
    us know how to make that center and we’ll get the post updated when she
    does, so just check back and look at the tutorial again in a couple of days.

  16. JeanniePence says:

    All mesh ravels, but have as few of cut edges as possible helps. For instance, I wouldn’t advise splitting a 21″ roll down the middle and then making 10″ square, you have more cut edges that way. Also handling it as little as possible helps. Just keep your scissors handy and keep snipping. The more lightweight the mesh is and more open the weave, will result in more raveling too.

  17. Sandy says:

    This is the link where the flower is that everyone is talking about. A link to your website was attached to it. https://m.facebook.com/ocean100/photos/a.117948020735.107155.67295320735/10152659826760736/?type=1&source=48

    • JeanniePence says:

      Right, the wreath with the burlap center was created by one of our customers, Nicole D Creations. She has a Facebook page and Etsy shop. The original post done by Ocean 100 on Facebook, included her image and our link. Our blog post gives instructions on how to make the wreath and Nicole D Creations took that a step further and created a unique center which turned out beautifully. She is going to share with us the instructions on doing that center and we’ll update the tutorial. She is bombarded with traffic as we are…..social networking is amazing))))

  18. Mudpuddle says:

    I believe from looking at it that you could easily do the burlap looking center by taking the roll of brown and twist tie the end of it onto the center ring of your form….go down maybe 7 inches…or whatever looks good and gather the mesh and twist tie there and then slide it back so the mesh is puckered up…then go
    down the mesh another 7 inches and gather and twist tie it on scrunching it back to get the desired pucker till you go all the way around and then cut it off when you have it full enough and tuck the ends under

    • JeanniePence says:

      The wreath with the burlap mesh center was created by Nicole D Creations and she very graciously is going to share with us how she made this. We’ll be added that to the post soon))

  19. Dominos Expert says:

    Easier or not, everyone seems to like that version better. Can you redo that tutorial please?

    • JeanniePence says:

      Sorry…but the tutorials that we do and share are our own creations, we do our best not to intentionally copy anyone’s work. This is what makes each designer’s creation unique)) We do our tutorials as guidelines for basic instruction and it works out great when someone like Nicole turns it into her own unique design)) There are lots of different ways to fill in that center….just experiment and see what works.

  20. yucaipa says:

    That is my question as well.

    • JeanniePence says:

      The wreath in the image that went viral was made by Nicole D Creations, it wasn’t part of our tutorial and I’m not really sure how she made that center. Sorry I don’t have an answer for that one))

  21. Mary H says:

    I am also picturing this made with red paper mesh, with gold balls in the middle as a poinsettia @ Christmas time. Love the sunflower!

    • JeanniePence says:

      Excellent idea….and right now we still have red paper mesh and gold ball for the center))) As long as they last! With the viral Facebook post that is out there we we selling out of colors every hour…..working us to death))) But good work))))

    • JeanniePence says:

      I think it would be great as a poinsettia. We’ll try to get one done when we can….goodness we have along to do list!

  22. ovaline keen says:

    Love this, I intend on making this.

  23. JeanniePence says:

    We’re out of the yellow paper mesh right now, but we’ll be doing a new tutorial soon as more comes in….we’ll see if we can create that burlap center as an option. You can fill that center with lots of different things….flower spray, ball ornaments, moss covered circle etc.

  24. Mary G says:

    I see you recommend a 10″ frame. I have a 42″ front door, do you think a 24″ frame would make a wreath that’s to big? I just don’t want it to be too small…..

    • JeanniePence says:

      The first wreath we made was on a 24″ Work Wreath. Our 24″ Work Wreaths actually measure 15″ across the metal rings. With the addition of materials, you get a finished wreath of 26″ to 28″ just depending on what materials you use and the technique. Using a 24″ wreath will give you a larger center to fill in. Also there are Work Wreaths that actually measure 24″ across the wire rings and even larger, so if you buy your work wreath locally be sure to note the diameter of the actual rings. Our 24″ is the most commonly sold, but sometimes folks do want something larger, we just don’t sell them because of the difficulty in shipping the larger sizes.

  25. JeanniePence says:

    We just covered a round piece of cardboard on this one with some brown paper ribbon. You could cover it with any sort of material or color. Also here’s a link to our other tutorials where we have done a different center. http://www.trendytree.com/tutorials

  26. JeanniePence says:

    We just covered a round piece of cardboard with brown paper ribbon on this wreath, you could cover it with anything wide enough and the color you want.

  27. JeanniePence says:

    This is the first flower wreath we did, last year. Since that time we have changed the process to make it a little easier, but we just covered a piece of cardboard for the center of this one. Here’s a link to our other tutorials, there are several flower wreath tutorials there: http://www.trendytree.com/tutorials

  28. JeanniePence says:

    Yes! Just browse the navigation bar on the left. We have all sorts of Work Wreath, Mesh and ribbon products. We’re out of the yellow paper right now, the next shipment won’t be in before August, but we have other colors.

  29. Deb White says:

    I’d like to know how to make the one pictured with the burlap center plz, thanks

    • JeanniePence says:

      The image of the wreath that went viral was created by Nicole D Creations. She has an Etsy shop and Facebook page. She is going to let us know how to make that center and we’ll get the post updated when she does))

  30. Melonie says:

    The picture I have seen looks like brown burlap in the middle. Did you make one that looks like that? If so can you explain how to do that?

    • JeanniePence says:

      Sorry but we haven’t done one like you are describing. Hopefully when we get more yellow mesh in, we can re-create our sunflower tutorial, that was the first one we did two years ago.

      • sunflowerzrock says:

        Someone posted a darling pic of a Sunflower with a burlap center which linked to these instructions. Please recreate that with instructions. It’s soooo darling!!!! 🙂 thank you

        • JeanniePence says:

          Nicole D Creations did the wreath that went viral and she is going to share with us how to create that center. We’ll do an update when she does))

      • Geraldine Marquardt says:

        the burlap center is very easy to do – (make 2)fold the burlap as if you were making a bow,, about 6-8 inches long,over & over ( 5-6 times, until burlap is used up) tie the chenille around the bow, then attach to the cross chenille in the centre,it will be bulky so tie tight – after they are attached, pull open the ‘bow’ until suitable to you –

  31. Heather says:

    How do you make the pom pom? I’m up to this step but it is not described in the video. Please explain how ASAP so I can keep crafting!! I tried to make one with the tubing but it doesn’t look as good as yours! Thanks! 🙂

    • JeanniePence says:

      Hi Heather. To make a pom pom, take a piece of cardboard or anything strong enough that you can wrap the flex tubing around. It needs to be the size that you want your finished pom pom to be. About 6″ or so. Wrap the flex tubing around it not pulling it too tight to stretch it. Wrap it several times, using maybe 5 yards of the flex tubing. Gently slide the loops off your cardboard and place a tie around the center, tie tightly. Then snip the loops on each each and they fluff out into a pom pom. Then you can secure it in the center of your wreath. Here’s a link to the written blog post:


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