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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Rub a Dub Dub Skeleton in a Tub!

Rub a Dub Dub Skeleton in a Tub!

Rub a dub dub! Skeleton in a tub! Well, in a bubble bath sort of)))

Watch the video here:


Carrie and I were at market a couple of years ago and saw a life-size skeleton in an old bathtub filled with glass balls. It was so cute for Halloween and I vowed to re-create this one day. So, here you go, our skeleton taking a bubble bath.



Metal Tub or other container suitable.

Poly-Fil Stuffing

Clear Iridescent Glass Ball Ornaments

Battery Lights


The size of your skeleton will depend on your container and vice versa. Our skeleton was about 36" 

The larger container you have will mean you will need more fluff to fill it with and more balls. So start by picking out your container or skeleton first.

Our container was a galvanized tub borrowed from a friend. The iridescent glass balls were purchased from hobby lobby in two sizes and the poly-fil from Walmart.

Our skeleton also came from Walmart.

Step 1

Position the skeleton in the tub. You can make him either sitting straight up or reclining a bit. To keep our skeleton from slipping down in the tub, we placed a book as a "scotch" to keep him from sliding down. 

Of course you could always use a some hot glue to secure him in the bottom, but since our tub was borrowed we didn't want to do that. Once Halloween is over, we will dismantle him and return the tub.

We used a white towel as "filler" in the tub so we wouldn't have to use so much of the poly-fill.

Place clumps of the poly-fill in the tub piling it up in rounded fashion.

Battery Lights: We used a 20 light strand. I love these lights! They have a remote control and timer. The wire is practically invisible. The battery pack is well sealed so you could use them outdoors too.

Lay the lights around on top of the poly-fil and tuck the battery pack out of sight.

Step 2

Remove the tops from the clear iridescent ball ornaments. Start with the largest balls first.

Note: We have some 4" clear iridescent balls in stock! I had forgotten about these until we had finished our project, but here's a link to those.

Position the ball ornaments with the open tops down. If you were going to make this as a decoration to use year after year, or for someone else, you could use a bit of hot glue on the balls to hold them in place.

iridescent glass ornaments for bubbles


Our plan was simply to create the decoration and after Halloween, we will take it all apart and make something else with the balls etc.

You can also use double-sided tape between the balls to keep them from moving around.

We placed the smaller glass balls on top. And we even placed one in his hand.


Why do we always refer to skeletons as "him?" You really can't tell I don't think, but that's a topic for another day)))

We really wished we had one of those little plastic champagne or wine glasses to put in his hand, maybe next time)))

We tied a scrap piece of fabric around the head. As you know, animal print is all the go right now)))

halloween skeleton in a tub


That just about finished our Halloween decoration. Be careful with the glass balls, they do in fact break. I knocked one off just taking him outside to the porch.

skeleton in a tub tutorial


This was a very easy Halloween decoration to do! We just love Halloween and when the grandchildren were smaller we used to have a big backyard party at Halloween with outdoor movies, hayride, decorations, campfire, apple dunking and so much fun.

We would use 48" size skeletons and put one in the pool reclining on a float....or set one up on a tractor wearing a hat, or put one on a tire swing hanging in a tree. Such fun. Relish those days with children or grandkids....they fly by so quickly!

If you have any questions or comments, just drop us a note: Contact Trendy Tree Blog. 

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