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Milk Bucket with Carrots

Milk Bucket with Carrots

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2023 Update on a Previous Post:

A milk bucket with carrots is a super quick and easy Easter decoration.

Milk Bucket

bucket, milk bucket, raz bucket, metal bucket 3811223 RAZ Distressed Farm Fresh Milk Bucket

Note: This particular bucket has been discontinued, but you can use other styles of containers or baskets.

KQ983038 8.25" Tin Planter

KQ982938 6.75" Tin Planter

Filler Grass

Make a bed for the carrots with some Easter grass. I had some vintage Easter grass, but it is now discontinued. Spanish moss, wood wool or paper shred would work just as well. 


We have several styles of carrots picks in stock. You could use a single pick and snip the carrots off or use a bundle of carrots.

carrot spay

carrot bundle, raffia carrot, linen carrot, faux carrot, easter carrots EV8929 Raffia Carrot Bundle (sold out)


Use any sort of spring ribbons that compliment each other. For a smallish bow, use 1.5" width. We used wired ribbons for the milk bucket with carrots arrangement.

Browse ribbons and choose from Easter styles, or basic checks, stripes or polka dots. It doesn't take much of a bow for this project.


Putting it Together

Partially fill the bucket with crumpled newspaper. Place some of the pale vintage Easter grass on top of the paper, enough to cover it up.

Untie the bundle of three carrots and place them in the bucket. Untie the carrot spray and place around in the bucket.

Cut the carrots to the length needed or just bend the ends. We put the milk bucket with carrots together without any hot glue.

To make a permanent arrangement, you could use hot glue. I don't usually do this with things I make for around the house. If you've followed our blog, you've seen this same bucket show up at fall, summer...etc)))


farmhouse bucket, milk bucket, carrots


Make a simple bow using the two ribbons. The denim ribbon in the image was just a scrap piece and no longer in stock.

Save your ribbons scraps! Sometimes are you need is just a short piece or two. The denim ribbon above will look just as good!

farmhouse bucket, milk bucket, raz bucket, carrots, easter carrot, orange bow


Secure the bow to the handle of the bucket and tuck in more grass as needed.

Quick and easy!


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