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Quick & Easy Easter Decor RAZ Milk Bucket with Carrots


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Super quick and easy Easter decoration. Just fill a farmhouse milk bucket with carrots for easy Easter decor!

bucket, milk bucket, raz bucket, metal bucket

3811223 RAZ Distressed Farm Fresh Milk Bucket


easter grass, vintage easter grass

MT22094 Vintage Easter Grass Pale Green



carrot pick, carrot spray, raffia carrot, easter carrot

EV8927 Raffia Carrot Spray

carrot bundle, raffia carrot, linen carrot, faux carrot, easter carrots

EV8929 Raffia Carrot Bundle




denim ribbon

RG0168565 Substitute Denim Ribbon


orange gingham, orange check ribbon, orange ribbon

RG01048G7 Orange White Gingham



Partially fill the bucket with crumpled newspaper. Place some of the pale vintage Easter grass on top of the paper, enough to cover it up. Untie the bundle of three carrots and place in bucket. Until the spray with five carrots and place around in the bucket. They can be cut to length needed, or just bent. This arrangement was put together with no Styrofoam, hot glue or anything permanent. If you wanted it to be a permanent arrangement, then you would need to hot glue some Styrofoam in the bucket and secure the other items with hot glue.

farmhouse bucket, milk bucket, carrots

Make a simple bow using the two ribbons. The denim ribbon in this post is different from the denim that was used. I had used a scrap that I had in my craft room and that exact one is sold out right now. The denim above will look just as good!

farmhouse bucket, milk bucket, raz bucket, carrots, easter carrot, orange bow

Secure the bow to the handle of the bucket and tuck in more grass as needed. Quick and easy!

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