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Scarecrow with Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial 2016



Scarecrow with Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial


XX750469 Sky Blue 24″ Pencil Wreath (other colors could be used)

XB96410-05 10″ Denim/Ivory Poly Jute Mesh – 2 rolls

HA4009 Scarecrow Wreath Enhancement Kit (5 pieces)

J6592 Tall Pumpkin (sold out on website – only a few kits with pumpkin will be available)

RG0120020 Giant Orange/Cream Polka Dot Ribbon 2.5″ Sold out, but more on order

RG1649W1 Multi-Stripe Ribbon 1.5″ (available only in kit, but other fall ribbons can be used)

RG01175N7 Sunflower Ribbon 2.5″ Sold out, no more coming in

X414909-21 Candy Corn Ribbon 1.5″ Sold out, no more coming in. Orange 1.5″ still in stock

A few kits will be available containing the supplies, but the tutorial will be left up since these same instructions can be followed with different choices of products.

Click here to purchase the wreath kit: Scarecrow Wreath with Pumpkin Kit (Sorry, kit is sold out, no more will be available)


Curly method used. 10″ mesh cut in 10″ length and rolled into curls. Cluster of three curls added to each twist.

We use a 24″ x 36″ self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)

Optional Step: Spray cut edges of finished curls with Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to help decrease raveling. Allow for drying time and also it is recommended that you try this product first to test the results in your area. Climates could make a difference.

Loopy bow was based on an idea from Julie at Southern Charm Wreaths. She also has a great instructional E-Book on wreath making. Click here to purchase the E-Book: Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design

The loopy bows were secured directly to the work wreath frame by their chenille stem.

Ribbon strips were cut 13″ and ends finished off with a chevron cut. To add ribbon strips be sure to open up the twist, lay the ribbon strips down and re-secure with 3-4 turns. Layer narrow ribbons on top of wider ones and just alternate your ribbon pattern any way you wish. We added ribbon strips to each twist.

Secure Scarecrow pieces using the wires on the pieces (attach directly to the work wreath frame). Arms and legs have wire for shaping. You may have to re-position the wires to get the shaped as you would like.

Secure the pumpkin to the work wreath frame.

Clips strings instead of pulling. Check the back for any sharp edges. Make a hanger for your wreath out of a couple of zip ties.

No Pumpkin? This wreath can be made without the pumpkin.


You could also place a small sign, a big bow, or other autumn decoration – a cluster of falls leaves with acorns, etc.

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