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deco mesh mothers' day wreath

DIY Deco Mesh Mother's Day Wreath

deco mesh mother's day ruffle wreath with sign

Mother's Day

Are you ready for Mother's Day yet? It will be here soon))) This Mother's Day Wreath Kit from Trendy Tree is sure to delight moms and grandmoms. The colors are so pretty with pinks and yellows. It's very cheerful and bursts with springtime. The round metal Mother's Day Sign is a Trendy Tree exclusive sign. Did you know we have nearly 100 exclusive signs in stock! Be sure to check them out.

Here's a link: Exclusive Trendy Tree Signs

Back to the wreath))) We created this wreath as a Facebook live the other day, but if you missed it, you can watch the replay right here. It's no secret that we usually get off to a rocky start with our lives....and between live streaming, downloading, and uploading it can get even worse! So give us some grace and be patient when you watch it))) 


Wreath Kit

There is a kit still available as of today, but they don't usually last long!

Mother's Day Wreath Kit 

Individual Products

TT-093 - Mother's Day Sign

RX9145X7 - 1.5" Yellow/White Ribbon

RGE720227 - 7/8" White Ribbon

RGC124829 - 2.5" Mom Ribbon

RGA155215 - 2.5" Colorburst Ribbon

XB240310-22 - Yellow/White Mesh

XB240310-03 - Pink/White Mesh

Wreath Forms - Pink, White, or Yellow

Putting it Together

Mesh - Cut pieces in 20" lengths. It takes 36 total (two rolls of mesh). If your mesh comes up a bit short, don't worry, it will never show.

Ruffles - Curl under the cut edges of mesh, scrunch up through the middle and make a ruffle. Place two ruffles in each twist.

Ribbon Strips - Cut 13" in length. Finish off ends with a chevron cut or angled cut. We put a cluster of four styles of ribbon in each twist. But you don't have to! This deco mesh wreath would be just a pretty without ribbon strips. Be sure to spread the ribbons out so they all show up. Run your fingers under the ribbons to give them a little curl.

Sign - Punch holes in the metal sign and attach chenille stems. Or you can use cable mounts and secure chenille stems with them. Secure the sign to the wreath form. Position the sign to the side. Take care not to squash down the mesh or ribbons with the sign, but do attach it to the metal wreath from. Reach in from the back side of the wreath to attach the sign.

Bow - Make a 14" wreath bow in any manner you like. Carrie used the EZ Bowmaker. It's one of our go-to tools. 

Finishing Touches - Clip any stray threads and make a hanger with a chenille stem or floral wire. Re-fluff ribbons as necessary. Stand back and take a look. Sometimes you don't see gaps or wayward ribbons until you see it on the door. Or in the photos later!


Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Wreath Making Tool Bundle (mat, scissors, rotary cutter, wire cutter)

I love the Mother's Day wreath))) It's even more special that we spent time together crafting)) I hope that you get to spend time doing fun things with your daughter/mom/granddaughter too)))

More tutorials coming up! I still have a Bee Happy wreath to share and I think Carrie, Ashleigh, and Taalor are picking out another wreath kit as we speak!

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