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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Repurposed a Damaged Boxwood Wreath into Two New Wreaths!

Repurposed a Damaged Boxwood Wreath into Two New Wreaths!

Don't you just love boxwood wreaths! Me too...I like to use them year-round. They are so versatile and you change out for the seasons just by adding new ribbon or floral bundle.

Well, I had to change out this one, not for the seasons, but because it fell off my door and broke! It was really my fault, I didn't secure it well enough and it's also pretty old. I've used use for several years now. 

It was on a Styrofoam base and when it fell, it broke at the corners. It possibly could have been fixed, but I decided that it outlasted it's useful life and decided to toss it. 

Before I threw it out, I looked at it closer and noticed the boxwood pieces were stuck into the Styrofoam and hot glued. Each little boxwood piece was identical and looked like a small clump. I pulled a couple out of the Styrofoam and peeled off the hot glue and decided maybe it was salvageable after all!

repurposed boxwood wreath

Here's a video tutorial on how I turned one boxwood wreath into two 18" round wreaths. We have double doors on our side entrance and this makeover turned out perfect for my doors! I just added a simple bow with long tails and now I have two new wreaths good to go!

I did add in two greenery bushes into each wreath, just in case I needed extra fullness. These two bushes also added a little extra dimension and turned a plain boxwood wreath into a mixed greenery wreath. I love them!

Here's the extra bushes and the ribbons I used:



RGA118827 2.5" Red Apples on White Ribbon

Moral of the Story!

Wait, think about it before you decide to discard something. I had to work on this damaged wreath for a bit to get those pieces out and clean off the hot glue, but it was very much worth it!

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