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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
wreath tutorial for spring wreath with big carrot

Big Carrot Wreath Tutorial

spring easter wreath with big stuffed carrot

Go Big or Go Home!

Looking for an cute spring wreath for Easter? Carrie's BIG carrot wreath is perfect for a bold splash of spring color. No drab, neutral colors in this wreath!

Watch the Replay

We did this carrot wreath on a Facebook/TikTok live. You can watch it right here in case you missed it.

Supply Kit

Carrot Mesh Wreath Kit (While supplies last.)

Individual Supplies

xx750360 25" Evergreen Wreath

Ry8319b5 10.5" Fresh Green Moss Small Stripe Faux Jute Mesh 

xb97910-28 10" Fuchsia Fabric Mesh

HE7247 24" Fabric Carrot

42423-40-11 2.5" Multi Stripe Ribbon

42437-40-21 2.5" Black White Race Checks

31404-09-19 1.5" Linen Carrots

42419-09-22 1.5" Yellow White Micro Dot


Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Zip Ties

Follow for More!

Carrie and David are away on business this week, but Ashleigh, Taalor, and Rhonda are holding things down at the warehouse. When they get back we'll get Carrie in gear for more tutorials! She is getting quite handy with her bow making))) Leave a comment if you see her on TikTok or Facebook!

Easy Easter Carrot Decoration (made with tinsel tubing)

carrot made from tinsel tubing




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