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Stemball Center for Flower Wreath



This past week we received some new products that are perfect for finishing the centers of your flower wreaths. Stemballs are plastic with a wire attached and come in clusters of three or six. We have assorted sizes and colors with sizes ranging from about 1.5″ to 3″ balls and colors of black, chocolate, gold, silver, green, pink, etc.

We wanted to take the recent tutorial of the Yellow Paper Sunflower Wreath and show you how to use the Stemballs for centers and also to share a tip with you that came from Linda Matthews, one of our Trendy Tree customers.

First we wanted to share Linda’s tip for filling in the space of the center. This flower wreath was made on a 10″ Pencil Wreath (click here for that tutorial). Sometimes to create a place in the center to attach extra petals, we would fashion a crosshair of sorts of chenille stems across the center of the wreath.


Instead of taking this approach, Linda says that she takes the tips of the twists (on the inner ring) and just pulls them toward the center and twists the opposing twists together.


Once the tips of the twists are all together, this forms a nice base to add your extra petals or other products.


Next we added the new stemballs.


You can see that by using this cluster of stemballs, we still had some gaps that needed to be filled in. We created 5 more paper petals and secured each petal to one of the twists in the center. Since we didn’t have any matching yellow chenille stems, we used tiny zip ties and secured each petal from the back.


Once the five extra petals were secured, you can see we really filled in the open center.

The cluster of stemballs are already wired together and we threaded the cluster through a small square of the yellow paper to help cover up any further gaps that we might have around the center.


Thread the cluster of stemballs through the center of the twists and secure from the back. Use an additional zip tip if needed.




This is a very quick and easy way to fill in the center of your wreath, especially since the Stemballs are available in several colors and sizes. More colors and sizes arriving soon.

Thanks again to Linda Matthews for sharing this tip! We appreciate it so much and just love it when our customers can take one of our tutorials and enhance it. Linda has a Facebook page, please drop by and leave her a message thanking her for this great tip)))




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