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2017 Scarecrow in a Basket


This Scarecrow in a Basket was done using up leftover materials! Carrie and Rachel had created a grapevine wreath last week using the floral and ribbons…..so I took the leftovers and made something else out it.

Even though I used leftovers except for the Scarecrow kit, here are the SKU numbers of the items that were used.


HA4014 Scarecrow Kit

FN155120 Orange Daisy Bush

FN155170 Cream Daisy Bush

SB55673 Orange Double Gypsum Bush

Raffia 2 Bags (from Walmart)

RG01090 1.5″ Autumn Plaid Ribbon

RG0101252 1.5″ Copper Metallic Ribbon

The other two ribbons were just remnants left over from previous projects. You could just substitute two more fall 1.5″ ribbons.

Container was just an inexpensive wicker basket.


Basket: A piece of Styrofoam about 4″ x 6″ was secured to the bottom of the basket with hot glue.

Scarecrow: The scarecrow kit includes a head, arms and legs. The legs are made together and all the pieces have wires. The head has wires on the back, but I didn’t use these. You could remove them, or just bend and tuck out of the way which is what I did. I wanted the head to “stand up.” You could make a small hole in the bottom of the head and insert a small dowel with some hot glue on the end. I used two kabob skewers since this is what I had on hand. Then the skewer ends was inserted in the Styrofoam using a little hot glue.

The leg wires were twisted together, dipped in hot glue and inserted into the Styrofoam. Arms were added after the flowers.

Flowers: The daisy bushes initially had 5 blooms each, but all I had left was two orange and three cream, so I started with the cream in the center and just filled in around with the remainder. In hindsight, it would have been helpful to place some raffia in the basket before I started filling in with flowers just to help fill the gaps. The raffia was placed in the basket after the flowers and two bags were used.

After the largest flowers were placed, I filled in gaps with some small pieces of the double gypsom. There wasn’t much of this left and I also found a couple of pieces of yellow astilbe left over from another project.

This creation is as great way to use up your bits and pieces of product! After the flowers were added, the arms were secured from the inside of the basket with the wires that come on the arms. You can shape the arms and legs as desired. The head still twisted around a little bit on the skewer, but that’s okay.

Bow: Two “scrap” bows were made by cutting assorted 1.5″ ribbon into 20″ lengths. Each bow had about 6 loops that were 5″ in length. Here’s a link to a previous tutorial that gives more detail. Valentine Scrap Ribbon Bow




Happy Fall Y’all!









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