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1/21/17 Valentine Scrap Ribbon Bow


1/20/17 Sometimes you just don’t have time to make a wreath! It’s easy to get ready for Valentines Day with this big wooden heart from Burton & Burton.

This wood heart measures about 17″ x 17″ and comes with a small burlap bow and wire hanger. The burlap bow is just wired on, so we took it off and spiced it up a bit.

This bow was made with scraps of Valentine ribbon and some of it was Christmas ribbon. Just look through your remnants, it doesn’t matter if you only have one piece of a style, the more the merrier)))

The ribbon was cut into 30″ length. All the ribbon we used was wired and ranged in 1.5″ width to 2.5″ To make this scrappy bow, just fold a ribbon strip and make a loop of 6″.

Hold the 6″ loop pinched in your hand. The tails can be even, with one facing to the front and one facing to the back (right side should be facing up). You can make your bow with all the tails even, or make them uneven, it’s just whatever you prefer.

If you make them uneven and decide you don’t like that, you can trim them off later.

Take another piece of ribbon, make the 6″ loop and hold it pinched in your hand right beside the first loop. Continue making loops keeping them all 6″. This can be quite a handful and the thicker your ribbon is or more loops you have, the harder to hold. If you’ve never made a bow like this, you might want to just start with 3 or 5 loops first until you get the hang of it.

Once you have all your loops, for this bow we had 8, place a chenille stem around the bow where you have it pinched and secure with a couple of twists. You can get the chenille stem tighter if you hold it and twist the bow.


On the back of the bow, spread the chenille stem apart.

Next you want to make sure you have 8 tails facing forward and 8 tails in the back (with right side of ribbon facing up).

Count your tails. If you have 8 loops, you would have 8 tails in the front and 8 tails in the back. Take the back 8 tails and lift them up, take the chenille stem around under the back tails and secure again with a couple of twists. You knot will look a little big, but it won’t show when you’re done.

Fluff out your bow and you’re done!

Secure the bow with the chenille stem to either side of the wood heart and it’s ready to hang. Easy Valentine decor, plus you used up some of your scrap ribbon!





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