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2017 Fall Monument Floral Tutorial


New tutorial for a monument floral. This is something new at Trendy Tree and the first tutorial of this type. Rachel and Carrie did this in the shop yesterday and we’ll give you the supply list and brief summary.


1038-1 12″ Grave Saddle

SG78639-063 Leather Leaf – 24 pieces

SG780028-063 Ficus – 6 pieces

SE5002-OYG Cosmos – 2

SB5579-017 Dark Orange Hydrangea Bush – 1

SB78623-086 Orange Carnation Bush – 1


A piece of Styrofoam was cut (from a larger piece) to fit on the grave saddle. To make it more secure, Rachel threaded a piece of medium floral wire over a wooden floral stem, up through the Styrofoam and twisted to secure it. The wooden floral stem on the bottom, helps to keep the wire from pulling through the Styrofoam. She did this in a couple of places.

Leather Leaf: Rachel made a base from the leather leaf sprays going all around the piece of Styrofoam. In all, she used 24 pieces. We didn’t use any hot glue on this project, but if you feel your stems need extra security just dip them in hot glue and then press into the Styrofoam.

Ficus: After the leather leaf, she used four pieces of Ficus.

Hydrangea Bush: The Hydrangeas were the largest flower and there was five on the bush, so they were snipped apart and three placed on the top and one to each side. You want the floral to look the same from both sides.

Carnation Bush: The orange carnation bush as 12 stems, and all 12 were used. The blooms with the longer stems were used toward the top and the shorter ones used for filling in.

Cosmos: Two sprays of the Cosmos were used. The were separated and individual stems placed to even out the florals.

After all the blooms had been placed, two more of the Ficus stems were used to fill in any gaps.

Turn the arrangement around from time to time so you can make sure the flowers look fairly even. They don’t have to be exact, but you can shorten stems here and there if you have to and keep filling in with greenery as much as you like.

If you like to use a bow and ribbon you can, it’s simply a matter of preference. On the video Rachel shows you how to but a bow on a long pick.



4 Responses to “2017 Fall Monument Floral Tutorial”

  1. Judy Burdge says:

    i am so glad to see a website take on grave saddles. I had to learn the hard way losing my Dear Son 5’years ago. I googled grave saddles over and over and actually this how i discovered trendy tree and started absorbing myself into many of the more projects here. Thank you!

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