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Nutcracker Wreath Tutorial

Nutcracker Wreath Tutorial

Once again we are happy to share our collab with Nick Sanders of 39 County Home!

Nutcracker Wreath Tutorial

Nick again so graciously did a Facebook live on the Trendy Tree page yesterday and created this stunning nutcracker wreath. Watch the video to see the details to make this stunning wreath. It looks pretty easy too!

Ashleigh worked with Nick to create this collection of supplies and initially the wreath kit was available. But it sold out in less than 24 hours! 

Some of the individual items are still available at the time of this post.

RG0802018 2.5" Nutcracker Ribbon

RN5662 2.5" Red Green Black Plaid Ribbon

75012-09-17 1.5" Red Linen Gold Wiggles Ribbon

RP8146 10" Plaid Poly Burlap Mesh

RE1301MT  10 Champagne Metallic Mesh - Sold out but here's a sub

RE1366MT 10" Champagne Gold Wide Foil Mesh

RE130106 10" Emerald Green Metallic Mesh

XX750424 24" Red Pencil Wreath

AP8543 - 12.5" Nutcracker Sign - Sold out, but here's a couple of subs.

AP8544 12.5" Nutcracker Sign

 MD0619 12" Embossed Metal Nutcracker

Nick also added in a couple more ribbons in the bow.

RGC159744 2.5" Shimmer Glitter Champagne

RGA113806 2.5" Metallic Emerald Dupioni (Nick used a 1.5")

Here's a couple of signs that would work with this color theme:

AP8247 Santa's Workshop

AP8245 North Pole



Nick used the "cruffle" technique with the poly burlap mesh as a base. Poly burlap mesh (red plaid) was cut into 18 pieces 20" in length. It took the whole role.

Make a "cruffle" by rolling the ends in a bit then gathering through the center. Attach one "cruffle" to each twist. Typically, there are 18 twists on the 24" work wreaths that we sell.

Next, he added contrasting mesh curls with the champagne and emerald mesh. A curl was added to each twist, just alternating colors around the wreath.


Nick cut ribbon strips 13" in length using the 2.5" plaid ribbon and 1.5" squiggles ribbon. The ribbon was layered with the 1.5" on top of the 2.5." It took 9 strips of each style of ribbon.

He cut the nutcracker ribbon in 25" lengths and made a loop with tails. Nine pieces were needed.

Ribbon was applied to the wreath by placing a cluster of the two ribbon in a twist, and alternating with a loop with tails of the nutcracker ribbon. He left a space at the top where the bow was to be placed so you might not need to cut 9 pieces of the nutcracker ribbon. No need to cover up ribbon with a bow)))


Nick made a bow using the Bowdabra. You can free hand a bow or use an EZ Bowmaker or tool of your choice. 

The bow was where Nick added in a couple of extra ribbons that were not in the kit. 

Attach the bow to the upper left side.

nutcracker wreath tutorial


Nick attached a couple of chenille stems to the back of the sign with a staple gun. Take care that your staples don't go through the sign. 

If you staples are too long for the sign, you can fold up a tiny piece of cardboard to go under the staple for extra thickness. 

Attach the sign to the lower right of the wreath. You may want to hang the wreath up to better visualize where you want to place the bow and sign. 

nutcracker wreath tutorial

Thanks again to Nick Sanders, 39 County Home, for participating in this collab. We look forward to more opportunities like this in the future!

nutcracker wreath tutorial

Be sure to drop by Nick's Facebook page and say hello! Tell him Trendy Tree sent you. Nick is working on growing his page so be sure to like and follow while you're there.

You can see more of his creative designs that are ready to ship in his 39 County Home Etsy shop.

Follow Nick on Instagram to keep up with his latest creations also.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a note! We love hearing from our viewers. And remember, you can always follow the basic instructions for Nick's nutcracker wreath and just pick out different products, staying pretty much within the same size range. 

Nick mentioned in the video that the red plaid poly burlap mesh would be perfect for a Patriotic wreath too. Thanks Nick! We hadn't thought about that.

Patriotic wreaths are a good standard wreaths that you can make (and sell) all year long, not just on the 4th of July!

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