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Does Your Bowdabra Slip Around? Fix It!

Does Your Bowdabra Slip Around? Fix It!


Does your Bowdabra slip around while you are creating your bows? Well we have a fix for it! Just watch this video.



Board length 20"

Board width 9"

Board thickness a little less than an inch

What is a Bowdabra?

A Bowdabra is a tool for making bows. It's very handy, it's inexpensive and it helps you to make perfect bows! 

All it does is hold your ribbon for you which is helpful when you are using several different styles and sizes of ribbon. Or, when you get to the point that your hands don't quite work the way they used to! 


Mount the Bowdabra

Disclaimer: The Bowdabra is made of plastic and when we tried mounting the Bowdabra to a board, we didn't know if drilling holes would split or break the plastic. So attempt this at your own risk, it is not something that has been recommended by Bowdabra. It was our experiment.

My husband tried drilling some very small holes in the corners and it worked! That's been several years and thousands of bows later and it still works fine.

Make sure not to drill too close to the edges of the Bowdabra and use a very small bit and screw. Place a hole in each corner.

Choose a board that is fairy heavy. Mine is about 3.5 pounds.

When you screw the Bowdabra to the board, make sure the screws are not so long that they go through the board.


Use a black permanent marker. Use the center of your Bowdabra as a starting point. I made my first mark at 4" then 6" 8" 10" 

So, if you want to make a 12" wreath bow, make your loops on each side at the 6" mark. 

Hope this helps if you've been looking to see how to stop the Bowdabra from slip sliding around on your table!

If you haven't purchased your Bowdabra yet, here's my Amazon link. 


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