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Basic Balloon Garland Tutorial

Basic Balloon Garland Tutorial


Basic Balloon Garland Tutorial at Trendy Tree


First things first!

Balloon Safety

1. Never leave balloons unattended around children or pets.

2. Balloons are a choking hazzard.

3. Never release balloons into the air.

4. Dispose of properly.

5. Never inhale helium.

Balloon Garland Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to make an approximate 5' balloon garland. This is just as estimate since factors such as inflation, positioning etc will affect the length of your garland.

On average the balloon sizes below will yield about a 5' garland. Here are the balloons we used in the video.

15 - 7" Balloons (gold)

15 - 11" Balloons (white)

9 - 18" Balloons (clear)

 Supplies Needed

50# Test Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

Optional Supplies

Manual balloon pump (Walmart)

Electric Balloon Pump (Amazon)

Electric Balloon Pump, purchase on Amazon.


There are more expensive balloon pumps other than the Nulink above, but we have found that this one serves our needs the best. It can be purchased on Amazon and here's our affiliate link: Nulink Electric Balloon Pump


Inflate & Shape

Inflate balloon and shape into round shape.


Inflate balloon and either hold it close to your body or on a table and release some air. Press to attain a round shape.

Note: Our balloons are high quality latex and will not have that "nipple" effect that you see using lower quality balloons. Here's an example. 

Avoid nipple effect with high quality balloons from Trendy Tree

 Stretch the neck of the balloons and tie together. You can tie two balloons of the same color or mix them up. 

You can also tie two, three or four balloons together.

Once your balloons are inflated, start tying them together with strong, clear fishing line. 

It helps to put some tape one end of your fishing line for your starting point. Tie a cluster of balloons on the line and attach another cluster, keeping them fit snuggly together.

Continue connecting balloon clusters until you have the length and size garland you desire. Keep the fishing line taunt.

The completed garland (or swag) is light as a feather and doesn't require much to hold it in place. We usually use a small command hook if there isn't something available to tie the garland too.

Garlands can be easily shaped over doorways or mantels. You may want the swag to be longer on one side that the other, or flow to the floor etc.

Here's an example of a mantel placement.

Basic balloon garland tutorial at Trendy Tree


Have fun with your creations, but keep safety first! These balloons are for decoration and as with any balloon, they are a choking hazzard. Keep away from children and pets. 

After your event, pop the balloons and dispose of properly. They are latex balloons and are biodegradable, but always take care to dispose of safely. 

Helium filled balloons tend to pop easier than air filled balloons. Never inhale helium no matter how much fun it seems like it would be. 

Balloons set the stage for a festive and fun event! Here's some examples of balloon decorations we have done for customers and friends.

Balloon garland for graduating seniors. 

Balloon garland with clear, white and gold balloons. 

Balloon garland for baby. 


Fall colored balloon garland. 


Balloon garland, clear, white, silver, blue balloons.

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