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queen bee deco mesh wreath tutorial

Queen Bee Wreath Tutorial

queen bee deco mesh wreath tutorial

Queen Bee Deco Mesh Wreath

John Norell, The Crafty Tech Guy, made this gorgeous wreath for Ashleigh to hang in her office at Trendy Tree. Perfect design!


John didn't use a kit to make this wreath, he put it together with a few supplies from Trendy Tree and added in some of his own stock too which makes this a really unique wreath. He did a two-part live showing how he made the wreath and you can watch the replay of those lives below.

Here are some suggestions for supplies to make a similar wreath:

Wreath Form

XX751102 25" Black Metallic Pencil Wreath (or use a black, yellow, or white work wreath)

Deco Mesh

RY8325F4 10.25" Yellow Faux Jute with Black Stripe Border

RY8115AA 10.25 Black with Yellow Drift Border (almost sold out) Here's another option: RY8116AA 

RY831229 10.5" Yellow Faux Jute

RE100227 21" White Mesh


AP7257 Queen Bee Sign (more options AP7256AP7258, MD0672)


RGS0053 4" Yellow Black - sold out (options RGA803557, RGE149429


RGC162929 2.5" Yellow Black Velvet Dots

RG˛00148N - 2.5" Black White Stripe Yellow Edge - Not available (options RX9149X6, RG088568N, RG089334N6


RGA16171T 2.5" Bumblebee 

1.5" Bee Ribbon - not available (options 41259-09-49, RGA1715X7, RGE154029



63119YWBK -Yellow Black Circle Pick - sold out (options 62873YWBK, 63309SP28)

MN0010 Bee Pick - sold out (options 6324GDBK, 63015YW, MN0042, 63244YW 

Wreath Making Tools

EZ Bowz Stow and Go Bowmaker

EZ Bowmaker

Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Holder

MT1043 7.25" Scissors

MT107230 9.5" Ribbon Scissors

MT1069 Straight Head Cutter

12" Chenille Stems



Queen Bee Mesh Wreath Tutorial Part 1

Queen Bee Mesh Wreath Tutorial Part 2


Many thanks to John Norell, The Crafty Tech Guy, for creating this cute wreath! It's a great look for spring all the way thru fall.

Be sure to drop by John's Facebook page and check out some of his tutorials. He's a great teacher and also has a coaching group. Here are the links where you can find The Crafty Tech Guy.

And by the's a brand new kit that John and Trendy Tree just put together for an upcoming tutorial. It has an exclusive sign too))) It's a farmhouse style that will work hanging on your door all year long))) Check it out!

The Crafty Tech Guy's Farmhouse Wreath - Kit

farmhouse wreath kit


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