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Decorate a Boxwood Wreath for Easter

Decorate a Boxwood Wreath for Easter

Boxwood Wreath with Easter Bow Made with Ribbon from Trendy Tree


I love a boxwood wreath! They are so versatile and you can change them up so many ways. 

One reason I love them, is that you can quickly remove decorations and add a new bow, or bouquet and get a whole different look.

You can dress up a boxwood, or other permanent green wreath, for any occasion or season. It's only takes a few minutes to make the change.


Supplies for Decorating a Boxwood Wreath for Easter

Square or Round Boxwood Wreath

RGA1592X6 4" Black White Gingham with Carrots Ribbon

RG0196520 2.5" Orange Iridescent Ribbon (sold out, but try 


31001-09-45 1.5" Aqua Mint Easter ribbon

13342DKGN Green Twig Bundle (sold out, try this 


Raffia Carrots (re-purposed from a couple of years ago out of my stash) But we have other fabric carrots that are cute as a button! Fabric Carrots

 Carrot Bundle

The carrot stems were shortened and a piece of greenery placed with them.

The green twig was also from my stash. It comes in a fairly large bundle and I've used it more than once. The part you saw in the video was just a piece or two and not the full bundle.

The carrot and twig stems were covered in plain jute twine just to finish them off in case they were visible through the bow. 

The Bow

The bow as made with the Bowdabra today. It's so similar lt the EZ Bowmaker and simple to use. I made a 12" wreath box with 16" ribbon tails.

The 4" ribbon started as the base ribbon, making a simple loop on each side. The second layer was the 2.5" orange ribbon and the last was 1.5" Easter ribbon.

The loops on the 1.5" ribbon were a bit shorter than the other ribbons.

The carrot bundle was secured to the back of the bow with the chenille stem.

Since I didn't have a green floral pick, I just made one with a shish kabob stick from the kitchen! You have to be flexible with your crafting)))

The carrot bundle and bow was secured to the boxwood wreath just by sticking the stick down in the Styrofoam. 

Adjust your bow as needed once you have it in place and trim your ribbon tails if you like. You can trim into a dovetail, or angled cut, or you can just the edges up or under depending on your ribbon and your preference. Some people like to leave the ribbons squared off and untouched. 

Boxwood Wreath with Easter Carrot Bow

No hot glue was used anywhere in this project, but that was only because I was making it for myself. As you can see, I like to repurpose things and that's hard to do if you have hot glued things together! 

But, if you're creating a project for someone else or selling  and shipping it, by all means use hot glue or other measures to secure items securely.

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