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sunflower garland tutorial

Sunflower Garland Tutorial

sunflower garland


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SG26142-063 60" Eucalyptus Garland - 1

30294GDYW 22" Sunflower Bush - 1

63045SP28 28" Sunflower Mixed Pick - 3

A sunflower garland is an easy project to make. This garland was made from just one eucalyptus garland, one sunflower bush and three sunflower picks. Pieces were secured with zip ties.


Find center of garland and mark with a chenille stem.

Separate blooms from sunflower bush and picks.

Play around with the placement of pieces before attaching.

Attach with zip ties and snip the ends with cutters.

Start in the center and work down both sides fairly evenly. It doesn't have to be exact. 

Start with blooms from sunflower bush first, then use blooms from sunflower pick (they are a bit smaller)

Fill in with the remaining pieces from the sunflower picks. 

Hang garland where you can stand back and look. Fluff pieces as needed.

sunflower garland


Use command hooks to support garland. Place the hooks a bit higher than you probably think they should be. In hindsight, mine could have been a bit higher.

You could also use this garland on a mantel, over a mirror or as a centerpiece for a dining table.

sunflower garland


Sunflowers are perfect for decorating all through summer and unto the fall. We have several colors to choose from along with assorted picks and bushes. 

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