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How to Cover a Styrofoam Pumpkin

How to Cover a Styrofoam Pumpkin

As promised! I tried my hand at covering more pumpkins and had a lot of fun!

how to cover styrofoam pumpkins with fabric



Styrofoam Pumpkin ( Look for a pumpkin that has a removal stem. Be sure to get a foam pumpkin and not a hollow plastic one)

Thin, stretchy fabric


Wooden Spoon

Hot Glue (Optional)



The first pumpkin that I attempted was covered with a thin, stretchy, leopard print fabric and it worked so well!

So I had to try my hand at other types of fabric to see what would happen.

I found my fabrics at Hobby Lobby, just one of the places where you can buy materials. Our local Walmart doesn't have much in the way of sewing notions, so Hobby Lobby was my best bet.

Of course, buying new pieces of fabric isn't required. Go through your closet and look for clothing that you were thinking of discarding anyway! Lingerie too!

The amount of the fabric you need will depend on the size of the pumpkin. I bought a yard of fabric which was way too much for sure but it will go in my craft stash. 

You can set the pumpkin down on the fabric and pull up the edges of the fabric to the stem with enough allowance to tuck in an inch or so. Just make sure you have enough to pull up on all sides. 



In my experience, thin, stretchy fabrics work best. I had picked out some pretty navy stretchy, ribbed knit fabric but honestly was still too thick to work well. 


how to cover styrofoam pumpkins with fabric

The end result with the ribbed knit fabric was good, but it was more effort than I wanted to expend.

I covered a small pumpkin with a knit leg warmer. I just cut both ends off the leg warmer and used the center section. 

I did have to make a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin to tuck in the edges just like the hole from the top, one the stem was removed. 

The knit material stretched out pretty much and you can see the orange peeking through, so a smaller pumpkin would have been a better choice.

cover styrofoam pumpkin with knit leg warmers


My favorite of all the fabrics I used was a thin, gold brushed knit material.

It was so easy to work with! I wish now I had paid attention to the actual fabric name. It was a sort of Polyester, but almost had a suede like touch, but much thinner than faux suede.

(Here's my Amazon affiliate link. This fabric looks very similar to what I used:

Note: If you purchase at Amazon by going thru my link, I may receive a small commission on your purchase. It doesn't add any extra expense to your purchase.

cover styrofoam pumpkins with thin stretchy fabrics

The smallest pumpkins were from a bag of assorted pumpkins from Trendy Tree. 

SKU: 81367 Bag of six assorted that range in size from 3" to 5"

bag of pumpkins


Remove the stems gently by rocking back and forth.

When the stem comes out, it may have a good bit of hot glue and Styrofoam bits. You can trim this off with scissors or gently pull it away from the stem.

Make the opening in the pumpkin a little larger by using the tips of scissors or a handle of a wooden spoon. Take care not to make the opening too large, or it won't hold the fabric snug enough.

Use the handle of a wooden spoon to poke the fabric in the hole. You can use the tips of your scissors but it may push through your fabric, which really won't hurt anything anyway.

Hot glue the stem back in place. If you plan to recover your pumpkins later as I do, leave off the hot glue. 

And for you non-crafters....not to worry! We have so many assorted pumpkins that are ready to ship! Just click on this link to browse: Pumpkins Be sure to go on to page 2, you don't want to miss the animal print pumpkins!

 I hope you enjoyed this post and if you cover some pumpkins, we would love to see them! And here's a pin you can save and share!



 cover pumpkins with fabric


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