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4/11/17 Facebook Live – Large Oval Grapevine Wreath with Summer Florals

Watch Carrie and Rachel as they decorate a large oval grapevine wreath with summer florals.



Large Oval Grapevine:  $10

Q612509-03  Pink Ribbon $5.25

RA128318  Natural Jute Ribbon $13.99

S304L  Lavender zinnia $3.50

S304P  Pink Zinnia $3.50

SB5560-087  Gyp Bush Hot Pink $5.50

SB46181-004 Blossom Bush Pink/green  $8

SB7760-001  Gerbera Daisy Pink and Purple  $3 each

SB780093-018  Astilbe Bush Lavender $7.00



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  • Diane White

    Love the grapevine wreath. I didn’t catch you guys live on facebook and have not been to the tutorial site for a while. I have just one question and I’m sorry it does not pertain to wreaths. Is that our Carrie and if so, she looks amazing.

    • JeanniePence

      Yes it’s Carrie…goodness she looks like she did in high school))) Thank you))) I’ll make sure she sees your comment, she has worked so hard))

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