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4/11/17 Facebook Live – Large Oval Grapevine Wreath with Summer Florals


Watch Carrie and Rachel as they decorate a large oval grapevine wreath with summer florals.



Large Oval Grapevine:  $10

Q612509-03  Pink Ribbon $5.25

RA128318  Natural Jute Ribbon $13.99

S304L  Lavender zinnia $3.50

S304P  Pink Zinnia $3.50

SB5560-087  Gyp Bush Hot Pink $5.50

SB46181-004 Blossom Bush Pink/green  $8

SB7760-001  Gerbera Daisy Pink and Purple  $3 each

SB780093-018  Astilbe Bush Lavender $7.00


There were a lot of questions during this video about our “glue pan.” It was just an inexpensive electric skillet from Walmart. But we found this one at Target which was only 7″ and it really seems like it would be a good size to try. Here’s a link.





5 Responses to “4/11/17 Facebook Live – Large Oval Grapevine Wreath with Summer Florals”

  1. JeanniePence says:

    We used a bag of chips to start with and just add to it when we need to with sticks. Don’t think we’ve had to add another whole bag of chips yet. We have the chips on the website: https://www.trendytree.com/craft-supplies/hot-melt-glue-chips-05-pound-package.html

  2. Dawn says:

    Did you say you used glue pellets or glue sticks in fry pan.

  3. Diane White says:

    Love the grapevine wreath. I didn’t catch you guys live on facebook and have not been to the tutorial site for a while. I have just one question and I’m sorry it does not pertain to wreaths. Is that our Carrie and if so, she looks amazing.

    • JeanniePence says:

      Yes it’s Carrie…goodness she looks like she did in high school))) Thank you))) I’ll make sure she sees your comment, she has worked so hard))

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