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2017 Straw Bale Scarecrow Tutorial


This was a very easy project and it turned out so cute! It’s a great piece to sit beside a doorway or hearth. As you will see, we did not remove the plastic from the straw bale just to keep things neat, but the bale we had was actually wired together so you could remove the plastic, just be prepared for a little mess.


52235 Scarecrow Girl or Pumpkin Head

Straw Bale – Can be purchased on Amazon (we have included our affiliate link)

3716492 RAZ Scarecrow Butt

F3702608 RAZ Cotton Spray

52412SP24 Fall Acorn Pick – 2

ZXP-TT04 2.5″ Navy Tan Check Ribbon

ZXP-TT03 2.5″ Pumpkin Ribbon

ZXP-TT02 2.5″ Fall Plaid


Straw Bale: As mentioned above, we don’t have these for sale on Trendy Tree, but they can be purchased on Amazon, or you might find some small hay bales as farmer’s markets begin to put out their fall items. We left the plastic on the bale to reduce the clean up.

371492 RAZ Scarecrow Butt: The butt pick is about 18″ and has a big wire that you can use to attach to the straw bale. The legs are wired so you can position them. The butt is made of blue and has back pockets with a bit of raffia trim. We just inserted the wire from the butt into the bale.

This but has a matching head from RAZ, but it really seems a little small in proportion to the butt, so we chose a different style of scarecrow head to use for this project.


Scarecrow Head: This product comes as a girl scarecrow head or a pumpkin head. Either one would work equally as well for this project. They are both on a long wooden stick which had to be shortened before inserting into the straw bale.

We chose the girl head to work with and the head was positioned leaving a gap between the butt and the head. This is were our bow and florals would go.

The heads are lightly stuffed and made of fabric and felt.

Florals: Rachel chose two florals for this project one was a RAZ Cotton Leaf Spray. This pick contains several different components with cotton burrs, pinecones and leaves. We only used one of these sprays for the project. It was stuck down in the straw bale and shaped to short of drape down the front.

We decorated the straw bale for viewing as if it would be up against a wall or fireplace. So we just decorated the one side.

Rachel used two of the acorn sprays. These are inexpensive sprays and not the quality of the RAZ sprays, but they added some nice fall color with their shades of orange and green. After the picks were placed and positioned, it was time for a bow.

Bow: The bow was made using three different fall 2.5″ ribbons. Rachel made the bow holding all three ribbons at one time and forming simple loops, ending off with long tails. The bow was wired together with floral wire, and then wired to a floral pick and inserted into the straw bale. We used all new ribbons for this bow, but this would be another great time to use up that scrap ribbon!

Happy Fall Y’all!







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